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Institutions in RS

President of the ​Republic​

National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska

Helicopter service of the Republic of Srpska​

​​​Institutions in BiH

Presidency of BiH

Parliamentary Assembly of BiH

Council of Ministers of BiH

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH

Ministry of Justice of BiH

Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH

Constitutional Court of BiH

Directorate for European Integration

Council of Competition of BiH

Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of BiH

Directorate for Civil Aviation

Veterinary Office of BiH

Communications Regulatory Agency

Civil Service Agency of BiH

Foreign Investment Promotion Agency

Agency for Statistics of BiH

Central Bank of BiH

Deposit Insurance Agency of BiH

Human Rights Ombudsman of BiH

Central Election Commission of BiH

Unit for Economic Planning and Implementation of Medium -Term Development Strategy of BiH

Institute for Standards, Measurements and Intellectual Property


International organizations

Office of the High Representative

OSCE Mission in BiH

Delegation of the European Union to BiH

Stability Pact for South East Europe


Mission of IMF in BiH

World Bank Mission in BiH


United Nations Development Programme in BiH

German Industry and Commerce Office in BiH

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