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Government of Republic of Srpska held 37th Session


The Government of Republic of Srpska, at its 37th Session held today in Banjaluka, confirmed the Draft of the Law on Rights of Veterans, Disabled Veterans and Families of Fallen Soldiers during Defensive Homeland War of Republic of Srpska.

The Minister of Labor and War Veterans and Disabled Person's Protection, Mr. Petar Djokic, reminded that this is a new Draft of the Law, drawn up following the recent withdrawal of the old one from Parliamentary procedure, due to improvement of legislation.

The Minister Djokic told the press conference that this Law aims to give equal rights to all of veterans, families of fallen soldiers and disabled veterans of Republic of Srpska.

According to the Minister’s statement, what is new is that this Draft of the Law provides that the planning of financial resources in the Budget for each year will determine the amount of assets for these purposes, which will, as he said, be defined by Special Decree.

“We shall introduce another right, what is the right to encourage employment of veterans, which will also be further defined by Decree, but this will be issue of further considerations within veteran population in the upcoming public discussions”, the Minister Djokic said.

The Minister Djokic added that this Law also strengthened and emphasized the role of camp prisoners, respectively persons who became it by capturing as members of Army of Republic of Srpska.

“Disabled Veterans issue created a new obligation to Republic, by increasing the percentage of additional financial benefits for Disabled Veterans of the second, third and fourth categories, who got the allowance for care and assistance, till according to current regulation, this benefits was given only to those of the first category ", the Minister Djokic said and pointed out that the additional amount of BAM 4 billion annually will be planned within the Budget of Republic of Srpska for the financing of this right.

According to the Minister Djokic’s statement, the Draft of the Law confirmed that after death of disabled veteran of the first to fourth category of disability, the family is entitled to keep receiving Disability Pension for Family Members, without inferring cause-and-effect relationships of the death.

"The deadline for the submission of Requests for increasing the percentage of disability based on health deteriorating is shortened from five to three years. This was requested from Disabled Veterans within Veteran’s Organization, and the Association of Disabled Veterans and "UDAS" Organization, the Minister Djokic said.

The Minister Djokic added that it is envisaged to enable wives of fallen soldiers older than 45 years whose children have already completed the regular education, to keep the right on Family Disability Pension in continuity.

“For realization of this right, the amount of BAM 820.000 is planned to be allocated annually, and this amount also shall increase the amount of financial allocations within the Budget of Republic of Srpska, "the Minister Petar Djokic said.

The Minister Djokic pointed out that this Draft of the Law was created as a result of several year-activity, and perceptions from Ministry on the issue of Veterans and Disabled Veterans Benefits, and it is realized that some things need to be changed, while on the other hand Ministry got very clear requirements from veteran populations.

“We have seriously considered their requirements and I can say that we found the significant number of them as very important and put them in the Law”, the Minister Djokic said and pointed out that there will be more allocations within the Budget of Republic of Srpska in the following period for Veterans and Disabled Veterans Benefits.

The Minister of Refugees and Displaced Persons, Mr. Davor Cordas, told the press conference that the Government of Republic of Srpska in the last six years allocated around BAM 66 billion for alternative accommodation.

The Government of Republic of Srpska also discussed the Report on the situation of the Cooperative Sector of Republic of Srpska and the Implementation of the Law on Agricultural Collectives.

An important segment of the implementation of Agriculture Policy is to give as much of Republic of Srpska’s properties through leasing or putting them on disposal to existing and newly established Collectives, and to other subjects, said the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Supply, Mr. Zoran Kovacevic.

The Minister Kovacevic pointed out that 352 Collectives were registered in Registry Courts in Republic of Srpska, but according to APIF, only 107 Collectives submitted the Financial Report last year, what indicates that many of them were closed in the war and postwar period.

„That’s why we adopted regulations to put the Collective Property into service, but in the cooperation with local communities, and to assign the property of Republic of Srpska, which was used by a Collectives, to Local Communities of RS, but then to reassign them by leasing”, said the Minister Kovacevic.

Also, the Government considered the Information on Realization of the Contract on Leasing Agricultural Land owned by Republic of Srpska.

“This procedure was conducted in seven Municipalities and 3500 hectares of land was assigned to 266 tenants by leasing, from whom we requested Reports, and based on which we got the data which shows that 88% of assigned land is being used, what is good”, The Minister Kovacevic said.

The Minister Kovacevic reminded that land was being assigned on the base of public advertisement, with the obligation that minimally one quarter of all agriculture land on the territory of a Local Municipality should be assigned by leasing and the rest by concession.

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