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The 124th Government session


The Government of the Republic of Srpska adopted at its 124th session the Information Note and Action Plan of the Republic of Srpska on realization of recommendations from the EU Expert Mission Evaluation Report with regard to freedom of expression from April 2016. The Government also adopted the Information Note and Action Plan on realization of recommendations of the European Commission from the First Sub-Committee for Internal Market and Competition (including health and consumer protection) between EU and BiH.

The Government adopted the Information Note on the process of translation of legal documents and other general acts of the Republic of Srpska into English language for the purpose of European integration and international cooperation. The Government has urged all entity administrations and administrative organizations and bodies to continue with the process of translation of legal documents relevant for the European integration process and has complimented their up to-date successful work in translation and cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation.  

The Government adopted the Information Note on the Project of Support to the Office of State IPA Coordinator with regard to establishment of the "State Investments Committee".

The Government of the Republic of Srpska maintains that relevant conditions have not been met with regard to participation of the institutions of the Republic of Srpska in the activities on the Project referred above since the BiH Council of Ministers passed the Decision on establishing the State Investments Committee on its own initiative without consultations with relevant RS institutions and violating the set procedures. The Government has tasked the Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional cooperation to notify the Council of Ministers accordingly.

The Government adopted the Information Note on implementation of ResInfra@DR project. As of this year, the Ministry of Science and Technology is participating in the ResInfra@DR Project (facilitating macro-regional scope and link up to socio-economic actors of Research Infrastructure in the Danube Region) within the Danube Transnational Programme of the European Union. The Proposal of the Project is being prepared since autumn 2015. The purpose of the Project is to improve the strategic framework for cooperation in the context of the research infrastructure in the Danube region and to contribute to a better quality of the ex-ante investment assessment into the research infrastructure and its regional use and to support the existing and the planned research infrastructure with the economy sector and public administration. The Project is worth EUR 2,154,989.36 out of which the budget for the Ministry of Science and Technology is EUR 111,591.27 (85% is covered from IPA funds and 15%, i.e. EUR 16.738,70 from their own funds). The Project is officially being implemented since March 2017 and would last until June 2019.

The Government acknowledged the Information Note on the Letter of Intent of the Vietnamese company „Construction Corporation JSC" to purchase the Sugar Factory in Bijeljina which is in the process of bankruptcy procedure led by the District Commercial Court in Bijeljina. The Letter of Intent was sent on 21 March 2017 and has followed after several meetings held between the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and the Vietnamese company "Construction Corporation JSC" which visited the Sugar factory in Bijeljina couple of times and had been acquainted with the situation in the Factory.

The Government adopted the Information Note on development and construction of irrigation systems within the Irrigation Development Project (IDP 5098 BA). The Government had been acquainted with the progress made with regard to this Project and issued the conclusion that it was necessary to continue realization of the projects in Bratunac, Ljubinje and Maglajani including the project in Trebinje Field and to involve local communities and users in order to speed up activities on construction of the irrigation systems. The Government further urged the selection of project designers for irrigation systems in two new locations in Potkozarje and Semberija areas.

The Government accepted the Report on realization of international agricultural projects in 2016.  The Unit for Coordination of Agricultural Projects within the Ministry of Agriculture which deals with implementation of agricultural and rural development projects financed by international financial organizations has been engaged in eight projects in 2016 whereas one has been under preparation. The Projects are financed by the World Bank credit, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), RS Government contribution, contribution of users and foreign donations. The following projects have been realized: Urgent Flood Recovery Assistance  (IDA), Irrigation Development Project (IDA 5098 BA), Agricultural and Rural Development Project (IDA 4325), Feasible Forest and Landscape Management Project (ТF -16648), Rural Living Improvement Project (IFAD 772 BA), Flood Protection Project on the Drina River (IDA 54440) , Cow and Calf Project, Rural Business Development Project (IFAD 859 BA). The design of the Competitiveness Development Project has been completed and the process of project ratification is under way. The overall estimated value of the projects under realization is 188 million BAM out of which 80 million or 42.51% have been realized so far.

The Government adopted the Tourism Promotion Plan of the Republic of Srpska for the 2017-2021 period. The promotion plan represents the key element of the institutional infrastructure for development and promotion of tourism of Republic of Srpska. Since fragmented marketing activities, inconsistency in data collection and analysis and insufficient use of information technologies have been identified as ome of the weaknesses of the tourist industry, this Document aims to harmonize promotion activities with identified target segments. The Plan would provide the basis for valorization of various tourist potentials and  comparative advantages of the tourism in the Republic of Srpska. Therefore, the Tourist Organization of the Republic of Srpska would for the purpose of successful promotion cooperate with all relevant government institutions, RS Chamber of Commerce, development agencies, business associations, international organizations, local communities and other relevant factors interested in development and promotion of the tourism in Republic of Srpska.

The Government adopted the Action Plan for combating and prevention of family violence in 2017 in Republic of Srpska. The objectives of the Action Plan are raising the awareness about  family violence, implementation of various programs of education and upgrading of sensibility about family violence as a social problem and activities targeting the persons in risk of family violence, application of international standards and good practices and strengthening of multidisciplinary and coordinated system of protection and support to the victims of family violence. The objectives also include the improvement in the work of police, judiciary and social work centers, exchange of information, experiences and good practices, upgrading of the relevant records and monitoring of the protection measures and other activities and sanctions foreseen by the Law on protection against family violence, the RS Criminal Code and measures included in the Council of Europe Convention on prevention and combating violence against women and family violence. 

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