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The 126th Government session held


​During its 126th session the Government passed the Decision to transfer its property rights onto the municipality of Teslic in order to deal with legal-property relations on construction land which had been allotted to the displaced population for construction of houses. This transfer is free of charge since it deals with addressing the permanent housing of displaced persons and returnees.

The Government approved the Proposal of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Srpska which had been adjusted with the international conventions and EU Directives, primarily with the Convention of the United Nations against the Transnational Organized Crime, EU Convention against Human Trafficking, EU Criminal Justice Convention on Corruption and  Recommendation of the UN Committee against Torture.  

The Government approved the Draft law on Changes and Amendments to the Law on Courts because of its harmonization with the Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Srpska and organization of judicial institutions in the Republic of Srpska.

As an additional item of the agenda, the Government considered the Proposal of the Law on Protection of Persons Reporting Corruption which regulates the protection of persons who report corruption, the procedure for reporting corruption, obligations of the respective authorities with regard to protection of persons who report corruption and other relevant matters.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska adopted the Anti-Corruption Strategy on December 4, 2013 and the accompanying Action Plan for the 2013-2017 period which also foresaw sanctions for false reporting of corruption.

The Government approved the Proposal of the Law on Tax System which regulates the tax system of the Republic of Srpska, and establishment and maintenance of tax and non-tax charges.

The government approved the Draft Law on the National Park "Drina".  This Law defines the surface of the area, its boundaries zones and protection regimes, bans and restrictions, rights and obligations of its managements and source of funding.

'Drina' National Park has exceptional natural beauties, habitats of rare endemic species, the river Drina canyon, diversity of flora and fauna. 

The Government adopted the Proposal of the Waste Management Strategy of the Republic of Srpska for the period of 2017–2026. This Strategy is intended to regulate the management of waste of all categories, establish a sustainable waste management system on the EU environmental standards and information support system. At the same time the Strategy strives to raise the awareness among the population about the need of waste classification and building of waste recycling facilities.

The Government further approved the Decree on Thermal Waste Treatment. The purpose of this Decree is to facilitate conditions for reduction of hazardous effects of waste on human health and the environment and especially the effect of pollution on surface and underground waters, land and air including the effect of the green house.  

This Decree fits the standards which are in line with the Directive No.  2010/75/ЕU of the European Parliament and the Council on Industrial Emissions so that the management of thermal waste treatment in Republic of Srpska is adjusted to its existing economic capacities.

The Government acknowledged the Information on implementation of the Strategy on Road Traffic Safety of Republic of Srpska. Due to increased activities of various holders of road traffic safety, cooperation with local communities and media campaign, the level of awareness among the population about the dangers and consequences of traffic accidents has been raised.

The Government has noted the Information on the Initiative of the Government of Federation of BiH about enactment of the Law on Environment Protection of BiH. The Government of the Republic of Srpska does not accept the initiative of the Government of the Federation of BiH to enact the Law on Environment Protection at the level of BiH, since the proposal for adoption of such a Law on the state level is unconstitutional since the area of environment protection is in the exclusive jurisdiction of entities in accordance with the Amendment XXXII Item 13 to Article 68 of the Constitution of the Republic of Srpska. In other words, adoption of the Law on Environment Protection of BiH would be violation of BiH Constitution and of entity constitutions and the transfer of competences.

The Government adopted the Consolidated Report on the Execution of Budget for the period of January through December 2016.

The Government accepted the Report on Implementation of the Housing Programme for the families of fallen soldiers and invalids of war of I to IV category in 2016. In 2016 the Government used BAM 3,387,886.16 for construction of housing units for 107 families and  provision of construction materials for 240 users.  

BAM  97,055,100.10 had been sued for financing of this Programme from 2008 until 2017. During that time, 5,702 users of this assistance have been taken care and 48 users remained unprovided for. At present, construction of housing units in Visegrad, Prnjavor, Sipovo and Sekovici is under way.

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