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The 132nd session of the Government held


During its 132nd regular session the Government of the Republic of Srpska adopted the 2017 Action Plan for implementation of the Youth Policy of the Republic of Srpska. The Youth Policy establishes the main principles and objectives of the youth policy but also addresses concrete issues of the youth and develops programs and measures which should provide better conditions, creative expression and active participation of the young people in the wider social environment.

The Youth Policy of the Republic of Srpska covers the period from 2016 to 2020 and on the basis of this document the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports and other holders of the activities foreseen by this Document have prepared the Action Plan for 2017 which provides the list of activities, measures, timeframe and budget for its implementation which are realistic and feasible in practice.

The Government issued a Decision on the approval of the Spending Plan of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports for the period of 1 January – 30 September 2017 in the total amount of BAM 688,861,05. Those funds would be used for organizational and financial support to the programs and projects which contribute to the improvement of the position of young people, youth organizations, informal education, youth volunteering and mobility, international cooperation and exchange, raising of the cultural level of the youth, sport and leisure time. The funds are also intended  to support public institutions which deal with the issues of the youth and implement programs and activities related to the young people and their education.

The funds shall be distributed in the following way: BAM 378,833.,39 for co-financing of the interest rate of the housing loans for the young and young couples; 16,698.08 for the grants for non-profit associations and organizations which promote the family; 42,990.48 for realization of programs defined by the Youth Policy and projects of youth organization, 13,160.35 for support to projects of international cooperation and youth mobility; 7,311.31 for support to volunteers; 160,848.72 for sport organization; 3,216.97 for Little Olympic Games; 12,429.22  for sports organizations of persons with disabilities; 18,278.26 for funding of sports clubs and events in Brcko District; 35,094.27 for national sports awards of the Republic of Srpska.

The Government has been acquainted with the Request of the National Theatre of Republic of Srpska for the purchase of the new scenography equipment for the Theatre and has tasked he Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education and Culture to provide BAM 25,000.00 in the budget for that purpose.  

The Government adopted the Information Note on preparation of the Action Plan of the Republic of Srpska for implementation of the recommendations of the European Commission following the First Sub-Committee for Economic and Financial matters and Statistics between the European Union and BiH and passed the Conclusion on adoption of this Action Plan.

The aim of this Action Plan is to establish concrete measures and activities of the Republic of Srpska institutions with regard to realization of 15 recommendations of the European Commission upon the meeting of the Sub-Committee referred above that would contribute to implementation of the key goals from the Stabilization and Association Agreement between the EU and BiH.

Out of 15 EC Recommendations, 7 refer to economic and finance matters, 2 refer to internal financial audit in public sector and 6 are related to the area of statistics.  

The Government has supported the activities related to starting of the "Crowdfunding Academy and has agreed that the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government should support the initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in BiH on launching the "Crowdfunding Academy" within the economic component of  "Local Integrated Development" Project.

The Government adopted the Report on the Progress in implementation of the normative-legal standards on gender equality in political and public life in Republic of Srpska for the 2015-2016 period and tasked the Gender Center to keep monitoring the situation and keep the Government abreast of the situation. The Report contains the list of activities implemented in the reporting period, statistical and administrative data on participation of men and women in political and public life and measures and recommendations for further action.

Participation of women in public and political life is obligatory standard with regard to human rights and included in many international and domestic legal documents. It is also regarded as one of the measurements of democracy and evaluated with regard to the EU accession to see if a country has secured the ambience for political participation of women.

The Government passed a Decision to privatize 30 flats which have been built by the funds of the Republic of Srpska in the municipality of East Sarajevo and which are now used for alternative accommodation of refugees and displaced persons and are administered by the Ministry for Refugees and DPs. Those flats would be privatized in accordance with Law on Privatization of State-Owned Apartments. The persons who are entitled to use those flats as alternative accommodation based on the decision of the Ministry for Refugees and Displaced Persons are entitled to request to buy off those flats.

The Government approved the Draft Law on Public Attorney's Office. This Draft regulates the organization, competences and the scope of work of Public Attorney's Office of Republic of Srpska, the manner of representing the property rights and interests of the Republic of Srpska, local self-governance units and other entities which this institution represented. It also defines the duties and responsibilities of the Public Attorney, his/her deputy and other employees.

The purpose of this Law is to provide well organized, functional, professional, accountable and independent service that would affectively protect and represent the property rights of the Republic of Srpska, units of local self-government and other entities which the institution of the Public Attorney's Office of Republic of Srpska represents.

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