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The 134th session of the Government held


​The Government of the Republic of Srpska approved the Proposal of the Law on Mining during its 134th session held in Banja Luka. Reasons for enacting the new law are related to the fact that the existing Law on Mining showed in practice that certain provision of the law were incomplete and imprecise and resulted in various interpretations of the law. The  new Law establishes the framework for safer operating of the mining work, defines more clearly requirements and the manner of exploitation of minerals and other mining works and conditions for obtaining authorization to perform the work of mining. The new Law also introduces licenses for legal and natural persons for performing certain mining activities that would enable more control over the legal entities that are in the mining industry.  

This Proposal also enables higher level of harmonization with the legal regulations of the EU in the area of mining waste management and protection of health and safety of workers in mining industry and exploitation of minerals. It further provides higher level of legal security for the legal persons in mining business what would generate stronger influx of domestic and foreign capital in view of the fact that Republic of Srpska has diverse and economically significant mineral resources.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska passed the Proposal of the Law on Changes to the Law on Economic-Social Council. The Law on Economic-Social Council had to be amended in order to be harmonized with the new Law on Labor which no longer recognizes the term "majority representative" trade union and employers' association. Another reason for the amendments is related to granting the possibility for establishing local economic-social council on the territory of the Republic of Srpska and several cities and municipalities already showed the interest.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska accepted the Information Note on the use of the Second Copy of the Registry Books for the needs of the Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance of the Republic of Srpska via web-service.

The Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance of the Republic of Srpska addressed the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government on 14 July 2017 with the request to access the data in the Death Registry Books and enclosed the proposal for the improvement of the Agreement on the use of data signed on 16 July 2015, stating that access to this information is very important for the Fund since control of this data prevents irregularities in exercising the right to pension.

The request further suggests certain improvements of the technical, security and organizational aspect of the system of exchange by establishing the web-service and VPN tunnel between the Pension Fund and the web-based service that would deliver the requested data. This new concept would completely replace the current concept of data exchange since the data on the period in question would be delivered through the web-service.

The Government accepted the Proposal of basic elements for the sale of the state capital shares in the joint stock company "Nova tvornica precistaca" Rogatica.

The Government issued the consent to the Investment-Development Bank of Republic of Srpska as the authorized seller of the state capital in companies, for the basic elements for organizing the tender sale for the package of shares of the "Nova tvornica precistaca" Rogatica joint stock company. The subject of the sale to be offered at tender are 7,994,975 shares included in the portfolio of the Equity Fund of the Republic of Srpska of nominal value of BAM 7,994,975.00 what represents 100.00% of the shares capital.

The Government passed a decision to transfer the ownership right over the real estate built with the funds of the Government and the municipality of Kotor Varos for the purpose of provision of housing for the families of fallen soldiers, invalids of war and veterans to the Municipality of Kotor Varos without compensation fee. The ownership right is transferred onto the housing facility with five housing units of total surface area of 228.07m2, in which construction BAM 185,915.48 had been invested.

The Government approved the investment loan of public company „Roads of Republic of Srpska" Banja Luka in the amount of BAM 29,579,095. The loan represents designated funds and shall be used for investing in the construction of the regional road  R-477, Gornji Podgraci – Mrakovica in the amount of BAM 12,701,090,00, reconstruction of the road R-405, Stari Majdan – border line RS/FBiH (Razboj), sub-section Bronzani Majdan – Tromedja in the amount of BAM  8,853,305.00 КМ and construction of the regional road R-413, Kotor Varos – Mitrovici (Knezevo), sub-section Sokoline – Zivinice in the amount of BAM 8,024,700.00.

The Government of Republic of Srpska issued a decision to approve the loan of public company „Roads of Republic of Srpska" in the amount of BAM 1,999,562.57 which shall be used for maintenance and modernization of the road R-459а – 4000 m, section Vrsani – Crnjelevo-  Batkovici – Ostojicevo – Brodac – Raca".

The Government considered the Information Note with regard to the situation of tax obligations in health centers. Since the funds which the Health Insurance Fund disburses to the health centers in Ostra Luka, Novo Gorazde, Han Pijesak, Kalinovik, Trnovo, Ljubinje i Berkovici are not sufficient to cover the costs generated on the basis of the rights to health care, the Government decided to provide additional funds for the taxes and contributions for the current year in the amount of BAM 144,785.48 from the budget reserve.

The Government further approved the Plan of Funds Distribution of the Ministry of the interior for capital investments for the period of January through July 2017 in the amount of BAM  3,700,000.00 as follows: 500,000.00 for construction of new police stations; 200,000.00 for maintenance, reconstruction and adaption of the existing facilities; 3,000,000.00 for the procurement of various goods, equipment and uniforms for the needs of the Ministry of the Interior in accordance with the budget and the procurement plan.

The Government would provide BAM 50,000 for reconstruction of doors and window frames in the secondary school "Milutin Milankovic" in Milici from the budget reserve.

The Government decided to reallocate the funds for sponsorship for holding the music festival "Kozara u srcu" in the amount of BAM 15,000.00 from the budget reserve. 

The Government has been acquainted with the Information Note on the Project: Construction of the Main Road М-18 Brod na Drini (Foca) – Hum (Scepan Polje) with interstate bridge and has supported this project. Construction оf this road is planned by the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Srpska until 2025 and the RS 2016 -2030 Transport Strategy which regards construction of this road as No.1 priority in the Republic of Srpska.

The Government accepted the Information Note on the situation in telecommunications in the Republic of Srpska. The Ministry of Traffic and Communications maintains that the situation in this sector is at the satisfactory level with regard to development of new services and technologies and that it manages to keep up the pace with the contemporary technological achievements.

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