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The 136th Government session held


The Government of the Republic of Srpska approved during its 136th regular session the Proposal of the Law on Changes and Amendments to the Law on Combating Corruption, Organized  Crime and Most Serious Forms of Economic Crime.

Reasons for passing the changes in question are related to the necessity to harmonize the Law concerned with the Criminal Code of the Republic of Srpska and the Law on Public Prosecutor's Offices of Republic of Srpska.

The Government approved the Draft  Law on Deadlines for Settlement of Financial Liabilities in Commercial Transactions. This Law regulates the deadlines for settlement of financial liabilities in commercial transactions and legal consequences for the  delay in their fulfillment for the purpose of improving the liquidity of business entities in Republic of Srpska. Another reason for enactment of this Law is the need to improve the liquidity of of the entire economic system in Republic of Srpska, to accelerate the money flow that in turn decreases the quantity of money in circulation.

The Government considered the verbal information presented by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management about the impact of drought on agrarian sector.  

The Government commissioned the respective Ministry to monitor the situation and to prepare new assessment of the negative effects of the drought and to propose measures to tackle the situation.

The Government adopted the Information Note on realization of population policy measures of the Third and the Fourth Child Fund in 2016.  

1305 children were third-born in Republic of Srpska in 2016 and 241 forth-born children. The number of third-born and fourth-born children in 2016 went up by three percent compared to 2015.

The Project "The Third and the Fourth Child Fund" is being implemented by the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports in cooperation with the Public Fund for Children's Protection of the Republic of Srpska since 2006. Within this project as one of the measures of population policy, mothers who give birth to their third or the fourth child in the current year are entitled to one-time financial compensation. The material status of the family is not relevant for the exercise of this right and has widely been accepted in the society. Since the beginning of implementation of this Project in 2006 until 2016, the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports has allocated BAM 8,265,174.50 for this purpose.

In 2016 one-time financial compensation for every third-born child was BAM 600.00 and BAM  450.00 for every fourth-born child.

The Government passed a decision on the beginning of work of thе Court Police in Prijedor stating that all requirements have been met for a District Center of the Court Police in Prijedor to strat working as of 10 August 2017.

The Government commissioned the Public Company Forests of the Republic of Srpska to submit a report on realization of contracted wood sortiments in 2017 to the Governments and also about the projections of realization by the end of the current year. 

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