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The 138th Government session held


The Government of the Republic of Srpska adopted today during its 138th session held in Banja Luka the Information Note on the public procurement procedure carried out with regard to procurement of financial means – long-term borrowing of the Republic of Srpska for the purchase of multi-function helicopter (medical evacuation and fire extinguishing) for the needs of the Helicopter Service of the Republic of Srpska.

Pursuant to the Law on Borrowing, Debt and Guarantees of the Republic of Srpska, the Law on Government and the Government Decision on the Funds Allocation Plan dated 2 February 2017, the RS National Assembly on its 17th session on 5 April 2017 passed a Decision on capital investment and long term borrowing with the domestic creditors for the purchase of helicopter in the amount of BAM 9,400,000.00. 

On the basis of the above stated decisions, the Ministry of Finance carried out the public procurement procedure in accordance with the relevant laws, bylaws and the 2017 budget and decided that the best bid had been submitted by the NLB Bank a.d. Banja Luka.  

The Government authorized the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Srpska to sign the Agreement on long-term borrowing in the amount of BAM 9,400,000.00 under the following terms: the repayment period is six years, grace period: 3 (three years) – included in the  repayment period, fixed interest rate of 2.85%, the methodology of the repayment upon the expiration of the grace period in equal six months installments until the maturity of the final repayment of the loan.

The Government accepted the Information Note on the plans for holding the International Congress of Slavic Countries in the Republic of Srpska. The Initiative for holding this Congress has been launched during the meeting of the President of the Republic of Srpska with the Mayor of Saint Petersburg.

The Government passed a Decision on nomination of the Organization Committee for holding of this International Slavic Congress – Banja Luka 2017 which task is to prepare the program, identify the participants, requirements, establish the tasks and activities of relevant institutions and to prepare the financial plan and manners of its provision.  

The Government approved the Action Plan for implementation of the recommendations of the European Commission from the First Sub-Committee for Innovation, Information Society and Social Policy between the EU and BiH.

The purpose of this Action Plan is to establish concrete measures and activities of the Republic of Srpska institutions for realization of 43 recommendations of the European Commission related to the Sub-Committee referred above that would contribute to implementation of the goals of the Stabilization and Association Agreement between the EU and BiH, and corresponding acquis in the area of information society, education and training, young and culture, employment dna social policy, and research.

The Government accepted the Information Note on the admittance of the Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Srpska to the European Transport Safety Council.

European Transport Safety Council is independent and non-profit organization based in Brussels   dedicated to reducing the numbers of deaths and injuries in transport in Europe. It was founded in 1993 and represents impartial source of expert advice on transport safety for the needs of European Commission, European Parliament and EU members states.

The Government passed a decision оn approval of BAM 100.000 to the „Rankić Company" d.о.о Srebrenica on the account of entitlement to incentives for realization of joint projects between the Government of the Republic of Srpska and the municipality of Srebrenica. The funds shall be provided from the budget position of Subsidies for rural and agricultural development within the Agency for Agrarian Payments.  

The Government passed a Decision approving the 2017 Review of Distribution of Funds for construction and maintenance of monuments, memorial places and military cemeteries related to anti-fascist struggle and liberation wars in the 20th century and the last Defense-Patriotic War.  

The Review includes 46 monuments, memorial sites and military cemeteries and the according to the budget of the Ministry of Labor and Veterans would allocate BAM 250,000.00 for this purpose in 2017.

The Government of the republic of Srpska passed a Decision according to which it is possible to conclude the Agreement on Cooperation for the purpose of creating conditions for preserving the cultural heritage and genetic resource of the Lipizzaner horse breed between the Government of the Republic of Srpska and the "Vucijak" Horse Farm in Prnjavor.

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