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The 139th session of the Government held


The Government of the Republic of Srpska adopted today during its 139th session the Information Note on the situation in the processing industry in Republic of Srpska in the first six months of the current year.

This Information Note contains the main macroeconomic indicators and business activities on processing industry which fall under the competence of most important sectors of the Ministry of Inudstry, Energy and Mining which are metal industry, wood industry, and textile, leather and footwear industry.

Industrial production in Republic of Srpska in the first six months in 2017 is by 4.1 % higher when compared to the same period in 2016. The physical volume of manufacturing industry in the period from January through June 2017 increased by 6.2% compared to the same period of time in 2016.

The manufacturing industry volume increase is to be accounted to higher production of final metal products excluding machinery and equipment (17% increase), production of base metals  (25.3% increase), textile and leather (6.3%increase), rubber and plastic products (6.6% increase) and chemical products (45.6% increase).

The Government approved the Proposal of the Law on Changes and Amendments to the Law on Minor Offences of the Republic of Srpska.

Reasons for amending the Law re related to the necessity to upgrade the matter by including the provisions which foresee that beside the amount of the financial fine and costs of the minor offence proceeding, the Tax Administration Register shall include the costs of enforced  collection of Tax administration. The changes also include other improvements which have become necessary after its implementation in practice.  

The Government further approved the Draft Law on Changes and Amendments to the Law on Executive Proceedings which was necessary for the sake of its harmonization with the Decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Srpska and Constitutional Court of BiH.

Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Srpska refers to the minimum of funds which the Republic of Srpska, cities and municipalities to which executive decisions refer to, have to provide in their budgets for their disbursement.

Pursuant to the Decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH on admissibility and merit, the handover of the real property to the buyer had been defined. It is foreseen that after placing a price, the Court issues a decision on giving the real property to a buyer and that decision is published on the public notice board of the court and is submitted to the buyer and all interested parties who are getting the conclusion on sale.

The provisions which refer to the matter of legitimate document have been changed as well in the sense that legitimate document is considered to be a bill or receipt for telecommunication services or TV broadcasting. Defining a legitimate document in this way would make the court procedure more efficient and would unburden the basic courts in Republic of Srpska in disputes of small value for about 16,000 litigation cases of this kind per year. This solution would not affect the budget not would it require bigger financial costs for court fees on the part of legal entities or natural persons or parties to litigation cases.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska accepted the Information Note on granting the approval to the Director of the Institute for Geological Surveys of the RS to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Geological Institute of the Republic of Macedonia.

The motion for signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation has been initiated by the Geological Institute of Macedonia.

The main purpose of signing the Memorandum of Cooperation between two geological surveys is to create conditions for cooperation in the areas which have been identified as potential areas of cooperation such as: basic geological surveys, research of mineral resources, hydrogeology and geochemistry of the geological environment, monitoring and preventing geological hazards, etc. In accordance with the principle of equality and reciprocity, each party shall bear its own costs incurred during realization of joint projects.

The Memorandum of Cooperation between the Institute for Geological Survey of Republic of Srpska and Geological Institute of Republic of Macedonia shall be effective for the next three years. 

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