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The 140th Government session held


The Government of the Republic of Srpska approved the Draft Law on Secondary Education during its 140th session.

In view of the fact that certain provisions of the Law on Secondary Education required to be defined more precisely and to facilitate its more effective implementation in practice, schools, the Ministry of Education and other social partners prompted drafting of the new Law on Secondary Education of the Republic of Srpska. 

The Government accepted the Information Note on the allocation of funds for the program of pre-school education for children prior to the beginning of the school year in duration of three months in order to increase the number of children covered by the institutional pre-school education program.

In 2017, the program is financed by the funds provided by the Government in the amount of BAM 327,014.19 and the NGO 'Save the Children' which gave BAM 100,000 and also due to participation of local communities and parents.

The program of preschool education for children starting the school has been implemented from March 1 to 31 May this year in 36 preschool facilities and 70 elementary schools across the Republic of Srpska and included 4,662 children, i.e. 48.18 % of the overall number of children who would enroll the first grade in September.

This preparation program is being implemented since 2011 and this year the Government has allocated BAM 77,103.86 more for this purpose in relation to the last year.

The Government passed a decision on reallocation of funds from the position of the Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation to the Ministry of Trade and Tourism in the amount of BAM 300,000 which shall be used for co-financing of the  "Jahorina" Olympic Centre for preparation of the winter 2017/2018 tourist season.

The Government passed a Decision on the procedure of financing the Project of Integrated Local Development in Republic of Srpska in 2017/2018.

European Union and the Development Programme of the United Nations (UNDP) jointly support the Integrated Local Development Project in Republic of Srpska which is devoted to harmonized development planning and financial support to local self-governance units for realization of development strategies of their local communities. The main beneficiaries of this Project are the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government and sixteen units of local self-governance.  

Funds for direct support to implementation of priorities set by the strategic documents of local governments shall be provided within the established Financial Mechanism and total BAM  800,000. The Government provides BAM 400,000 from the 2017 Budget and the European Union provides 400,000 through the UNDP.

Unused funds of the third cycle of the 2016/2017 Financial Mechanism shall be used to support projects of integrated and sustainable local development through the fourth cycle of financing. The Government shall participate in covering operational costs of the Investment-Development  Bank of Republic of Srpska with regard to the Financial Mechanism management in the amount of BAM 50,000.

The Government accepted the Information Note on the situation in the City of Treibnje and in the municipalities of Ljubinje, Bileca and Berkovici after the fires. The Government decided to allocate BAM 50,000 to these municipalities to address the consequences of fires whereas the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government shall propose individual amounts of assistance to each of these municipalities.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska considered the Proposal of the Decree on the Procedure and Standards of Evaluation for civil servants and employees in local self-governance units prepared by the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government.

Evaluation of civil servants and employees in local administration is carried out in order to improve the level of professionalism and efficiency of their work, to eliminate mistakes and shortcomings and create conditions for fair conduct in deciding on their professional and career advancement.

The Government issued the approval to the Plan of Allocation of Funds to the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government for the Ongoing Grants to the foundations and associations of citizens for the 1 January – 30 September 2017 in the amount of BAM 50,000.

The Government also issued a decision establishing that it was in the public interest to consolidate the flow of the Drina river, Section 2 – Phase 3, within the Flood Prevention Project in the area of Semberija and that for that purpose complete expropriation of 137 real estate units was permitted.

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