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The 144th Government session held


​The Government of the Republic of Srpska passed today a Decision on the disbursement of financial assistance to undeveloped and underdeveloped municipalities in the Republic of Srpska in the amount of BAM 500,000.00.

In the category of undeveloped municipalities the funds shall be distributed in the following way: BAM 16,225.00 to Bratunac, 15,875.00 to Vlasenica, 14,875.00 to Donji Zabari, 14,750.00 to Kostajnica, 14,500.00 to Ljubinje, 15,750.00 to Nevesinje, 14,962.50 to Pelagicevo, 13,550.00 to Petrovac, 15,375.00 to Petrovo, 14,325.00 to Ribnik, 14,12.50 to Rogatica, 14,587.50 to Han Pijesak, 16,212.50 to Samac and 14,500.00 to Sipovo.

Among underdeveloped municipalities the funds are to be distributed as follows: BAM 15,050.00 to Berkovici, 16,475.00 to Vukosavlje, 13,550.00 to Istocni Drvar, 15,425.00 to Istocni Mostar, 14,500.00 to Istocni Stari Grad, 16,150.00 to Jezero, 14,175.00 to Kalinovik, 15,825.00 to Knezevo, 15,775.00 to Krupa na Uni, 14,175.00 to Kupres, 15,575.00 to Lopare, 15,425.00 to Novo  Gorazde, 15,725.00 to Osmaci, 15,625.00 to Ostra Luka, 15,800.00 to Rudo,  14,925.00 to Srebrenica, 15,000.00 to Trnovo, 15,000.00 to Cajnice and 15,825.00 to Sekovici.

The funds in the amount of BAM 500,000.00 shall be paid from the budget position of the transfer to undeveloped municipalities within the budget of the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government for the period of 1 July to 30 September 2017 which is responsible for realization of this Decision.

The Government adopted the Information Note on the need to construct the building for the Laus Police Station within Banja Luka Police Administration.

Ministry of the Interior was tasked to start talks with the City Administration of Banja Luka with regard to co-financing of this Project whereas the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Interior have been commissioned to plan the funds for that purpose in their 2018 budgets.

The Government considered and adopted the Information Note on the situation after the fires in the karst areas. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management has been tasked to support the measures for addressing the consequences of forest fires and provide funds designated for special protective measures of forests in 2017.    

Public Forestry Company 'Forests of Republic of Srpska' has been commissioned on its part to support the procurement of material-technical equipment needed to tackle the fires in the karst areas.

The Government accepted the Information Note on the current situation of the Project of Restructuring of the public enterprise of Railways of the Republic of Srpska and the Proposal of further activities with regard to this project.

The Government tasked the Ministry of Labor and Veterans and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining to urgently prepare the legislation which are crucial for further continuation of the process of restructuring of the railways.

The Government passed a Decision to issue the consent to hand over the premises of the Urban Planning Institute in Banja Luka to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Banja Luka without charging any fee. The surface of the premises in question is 1019.76 m2.  

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