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The 146th Government session held


During its 146th session the Government of the Republic of Srpska passed a Decision on extra-ordinary alignment of the general index and of pensions. In accordance with this Decision the general index of pensions would be aligned as of October 1, 2017 and would be increased by 3%.

Pensions granted until 30 September 2017 shall be aligned as of October 1, 2017 and would be increased by 3%.

This Decision would improve the material status of beneficiaries of pension and disability insurance in Republic of Srpska and also endorses the corresponding Conclusion of the RS National Assembly from 2015.

The Government accepted the Information Note on disbursement of funds for co-financing of the social welfare and protection from the Budget of the Republic of Srpska and decided that the financial entitlements related to social protection shall be disbursed by the 20th of the current month for the previous month at the latest. Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Health and Social Protection are responsible for implementation of this Conclusion.

The Government approved the Proposal of the Law on Changes and Amendments to the Law on Courts of the Republic of Srpska. Proposed changes refer to establishment of the District Court in Zvornik and District Commercial Court in Zvornik, its territorial  jurisdiction and jurisdiction in appeal cases and minor offences.  

The changes of the Law referred above also prescribe that legal understanding adopted at the session of the Department of the Supreme Court obliges all councils within the Department and foresee founding a Department of Court Practice.

The Government accepted the Information Note with regard to the transfer of the property right of the moveable property of the former business association Novoteks, a.d. Trebinje textile industry from the Republic of Srpska, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining onto the City of Trebinje. The value of the property to be transferred to the City of Trebinje is BAM 782,972.02.  

The property right is transferred without compensation  and shall be used for fostering business activities and contribute to new employment in the City of Trebinje.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska adopted the Report on implementation of Small Olympics for the 2016/2017 school year in Republic of Srpska.

The first cycle of Little Olympics in Republic of Srpska has been implemented in 2002/2003 school year and since then around 90,000 school pupils participated in those games.

Little Olympic Games in Republic of Srpska have become the factor which affect and improve the sport culture and provide excellent opportunities for pupils of elementary and secondary schools in Republic of Srpska to compete and display their sports talents and abilities in athletics, gymnastics, soccer, handball, volleyball and basketball

The system of competitions includes four levels: school, municipal, regional and RS level.

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