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Development of sheep farming in the Sarajevo – Romanija region


​​​The advisors of the Department for extension of professional services in agriculture held lectures on 16 December 2014 and 22 December 2014 in the municipalities of Sokolac and Rogatica for farmers engaged in sheep farming.

The topics of the lectures were:
1. Breeding - selection work in sheep farming
2. Breeding lambs 
3. Field pea breeding
Given that very little attention is paid to the selection work, and that there is a great potential for sheep farming, the advisors emphasized the importance of breeding - selection work and that great attention must be paid to farm planning, which will lead to genetic enhancement and improvement of production traits. Due to the lack of systematic selection work so far, it is very difficult to estimate the possible potential production capacity.
In regard to the Pramenka sheep , the farmers should pay attention to the planning of breeding. Breeding does not mean simply keeping animals, but targeting the breeding of the best specimens to achieve the defined breeding goal in shortest possible time.
Farmers engaged in sheep farming must define their goals because cultivation without a clear farming goal is not possible. The goal is to select parental couples with intent to obtain the production characteristics that are a better match to the breeding goal (phenotypic and genotypic).
 It is necessary to make an assessment of the significant genetic and economic values that are important for breeding. The methods related to the control of production traits and data collection must be defined.


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