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Status of the “Center for Improvement of Agriculture” ad Sokolac has been resolved


​​​​​​At its 84th meeting, the Republic of Srpska Government discussed and adopted the Information on how to resolve the status of the Center for Improvement of Agriculture ad Sokolac and supported the proposal to join the Center for Improvement of Agriculture ad Sokolac to PI Agricultural Institute of the Republic of Srpska in the form of an internal organizational unit. The Government has also assigned the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska and Agricultural Institute to carry out all the necessary activities so that the Center for Improvement of Agriculture ad Sokolac could be involved in the work of PI Agricultural Institute of the Republic of Srpska as soon as possible.

The Republic of Srpska Government has established the following goals which the Center should attain and which are relevant to the development of agriculture in the entire Republic of Srpska:
1. Restoring the original function of the Center (Center has laboratory facilities for the production of "virus free" seed potatoes, growth chambers that can accommodate 10 000 initial plants, greenhouse area of 510 m2 and a capacity of 24 000 plants in one round. It is possible to ensure the production of 750.000 tubers of a super-elite category with construction of a screen house with the area of 8000 m2).
2. Increase of agricultural production in hilly and mountainous areas (Sarajevo-Romanija region, support to the returnee population in the area of Visoka Krajina in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina) where the population along with the production of seed and ware potato would also produce fodder plants, spring cereals and be engaged in livestock farming, and the Center would serve as a professional service.
3. Training and education. It is possible to provide agricultural producers with a practical training, as well as students from Agricultural Faculty in East Sarajevo and students from similar faculties from the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina with practical classes.
4. Scientific research will be of particular importance to the master's and doctoral studies, but also for the realization of scientific and innovation projects. As a research unit, the Center will be very useful and profitable as a gene bank for endemic and introduced varieties, not only of potatoes, but also of small grains and berries. Conservation of biodiversity in the region and entire Republic of Srpska could be carried out in this center. The entire region of Sokolac and Rogatica is well suited for organic agriculture and that represents a very good starting point for the Center to be a pioneer in the introduction of technologies and provision of the starting material for organic agriculture in the region.
5. Service activities. The Center would provide services to agricultural producers such as testing for viruses (ELISA) for the producers of seed potatoes, as well as for other crops that are produced. New functions of the Center should rely on: the development of ecologically sustainable systems, sustainable use and protection of land and precision agriculture production (smart agriculture).
Center for Improvement of Agriculture has 528,496 m2 of agricultural land and 16,643 m2 of courtyard land and facilities which include rooms for workers, laboratories, a glass greenhouse, a plastic greenhouse, an area for storage of potatoes, auxiliary facilities, a heating plant, a substation and more.

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