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A working meeting on the topic of business operations improvement of PFE ’Forests of the Republic of Srpska’ and prevention of illegal activities in the field of forestry


On 16 January 2015 in the premises of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management a working meeting was held with the representatives of PFE ’Forests of the Republic of Srpska’ and representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Srpska. The following three points were discussed at the meeting:

1. Production and financial plan of PFE ’Forests of the Republic of Srpska’, p.l.c. Sokolac for 2015 and programme development for the successful operation of the Public enterprise. A conclusion was reached that the programme for successful operation of this Public enterprise should be developed based on the Production and financial plan for 2015, and its deadline is set for 31 January 2015. 
2. Engagement of relevant institutions in order to prevent illegal activities in the field of forestry (timber thefts). The objective is to involve all the relevant institutions, in the shortest period possible, in the process of drawing up of an action plan for action in the fight against illegal activities (timber thefts).
3. Forming an expert team for improvement of organizational and economic factors of the current and long-term development of the Public enterprise in accordance with the Economic Policy of the Republic of Srpska Government for 2015 and ministries’ Work Plan. Within this point it is necessary to define the concept of production and market linkage of forestry, wood processing sector and trade activities of the Republic of Srpska. This concept represents a quintessential economic interest of the Republic of Srpska, because it is about the use of available resources in the interest of its own development.

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