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Overview of the funds for encouraging agricultural and rural development for 2015


​​​In the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management a consultative meeting with the representatives of the RS producers was held with the aim of exchanging opinions about routing of funds for agricultural and rural development in 2015.

Representatives of Farmer Associations, representatives of Processors Association, as well as representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Srpska and representatives of the RS Cooperative Union attended the meeting.
Total financing sources for the agricultural sector in 2015 will be 135 million BAM and it will be based on three main foundations:
-using IRBRS's special line of credit (working capital) as revolving funds, funds available for 2015 25 million BAM
-IRBRS’s line of credit for long-term and short-term loans for agriculture, funds available for 2015 40 million BAM
-incentives of the Ministry for co-financing current needs and long-term development projects of beneficiaries (natural persons and legal entities), funds available for 2015 60 million BAM
Beside mentioned sources of finance, international sources of finance such as World Bank, the European Investment Bank and IFAD are also available, funds available for 2015 about 10 million BAM
The participants were presented with an approximate overview of funds for encouraging agricultural and rural development in 2015. Incentive funds in the total amount of 60 million BAM will be directed in three main directions: funds for supporting current production, funds for supporting long-term development and funds for realization of other support measures. The exact plan of allocation of funds will be defined after finalisation of the process of harmonization with the representatives of user organizations, who are invited to submit their written proposal in the following days.

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