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Application of the Law against Corruption


​“Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska has passed legal acts and bylaws in order to prevent corruption in education”, said the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska at the opening of “How to Secure Knowledge Quality without Corruption” Conference, which the Ministry organized in cooperation with the “Account” anti-corruption network.

He explained that in order to prevent corruptive actions when employing staff in education institutions, the Ministry had prescribed certain criteria for employment in education institutions and passed bylaws which regulate student enrolment and execution of student excursions.

“Having in mind the importance of correct distribution and transparency of spending budget funds, bylaws have been passed which regulate financing public higher education, awarding scholarships, and allocating financial resoruces for student projects and student exchanges”, said Minister Malesevic.

The Ministry co-finances projects against corruption carried out by student organizations. During the previous period the Ministry supported the projects “Anticor 2013”, “Student Ombudsman” and “Anticor Campaign 2014”.

Minister Malesevic reminded the public that since September 2014 there has been an application for reporting suspected corruption and other irregularities on the webpage of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, and of all ministries and republic institutions.

The  National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska adopted the Anti-corruption Strategy in 2013, and the Minister stated every segment of society should pass certain acts in order to prevent corruption in government bodies as much as possible.

The  Director of “Account” anti-corruption network Eldin Karic said that regarding corruption, BiH is the leading country in Europe and that corruption in BiH is present in all segments of society, even in education.

“It is a public secret that people pay for jobs, they buy diplomas and exams, and there is a certain politicization of education”, said Karic and pointed out that all segments of society have to actively participate in fighting against corruption.

The President of the Union of Education, Science and Culture of the Republic of Srpska Dragan Gnjatic emphasized that the Union passes forward every report on corruption in education system to controlling authorities.

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