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Enrollment of Children in the First Grade


​The Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska invites parents whose children are eligible for the enrollment in the first grade to contact the local primary schools in the catchment area they belong to in order to register their children and determine the period of testing and conducting the procedure necessary for the enrolment are going to take place. The registration of children and enrolment will be done in April or May.

According to the Law on Primary Education, children who turn six before September 1st this year and who are mentally and physically able to follow and master the education program in schools will be enrolled in the first grade. Additionally, children turning six until the end of the year who are proved by the committee to be physically and emotionally mature, as well as children older than six who haven’t been able to previously attend school because of illness or some other reasons, are allowed to enroll in the first grade. Children born in 2009 will be enrolled in the first grade in 2015/2016 school year.

According to the law, it is obligatory for parents to enroll their children in schools during the specified period and make sure that they attend school and do the schoolwork regularly. Local governments send schools the list of children eligible  for school enrollment. At a school’s request, the social work center in charge sends the information they have about the children without adequate parental care who aren’t in the register of births and children taken care of by centers belonging to certain school catchment areas until children start enrolling in schools.

Schools register children based on their certificates of birth and residence in the presence of their parents or other guardians. Children go through medical examination and then they are tested. Appointments for medical examination and testing for every child will be arranged by expert school services and parents.

For the enrollment of children in the first grade, the following documents are needed: a medical certificate issued by the health care institution in charge, which is an estimate of the child’s ability to start attending school, a birth certificate and a residence certificate issued by the competent authority.

All public schools have their catchment area determined by the Minister proposed by the local government. Public schools are obliged to accept children within their catchment areas. The Ministry can, if parents give acceptable reasons, let a child be enrolled in a school even though they don’t live within the school’s catchment area, because of the protection of child rights or if it is the best for the child. The right that the parents have to enroll their child in a school to whose catchment area they do not belong is limited by the possibilities and conditions of the school the child is supposed to attend and the one the child wants to attend.

We wish the future first-graders and their parents luck with the upcoming activities!

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