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High Quality Working Conditions at the Faculty of Technology


​“By opening a new laboratory at the Faculty of Technology, top quality working conditions have been created for students and professors”, stated the Minister of Education and Culture, Dr. Dane Malešević, at the ceremony held on the occasion of 22 year-anniversary of the Faculty.

At the Faculty of Technology in Zvornik, new laboratories have been opened, 28 graduated engineers and three master graduates in technology have been promoted; and best students have been awarded.

“This is an opportunity for me to invite the students from the Republic of Srpska who intend to study technology to come the Faculty of Technology in Zvornik, because here they have a high-quality working conditions at the first, second and third cycle of studies. They can acquire the necessary skills which they may apply in their work in industry, and also in their scientific research”, Minister Malešević stated.

He expressed the hope that primarily assistants and professors, who work with the students, would be the ones who would make good use of this equipment for their scientific achievements, while the students would use it to gain knowledge which would be beneficial for them in the future.

Radoslav Grujić, the Rector of the University in East Sarajevo, stated that newly opened laboratories within the modernization of the University were equipped with the latest dedicated equipment for chemical engineering and chemical technology, i.e. food engineering and food technology.

The Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Miladin Gligorić, stated that this day would be written in golden letters at the Faculty of Technology, because it represented a milestone in the creation of not only the conditions for teaching, but also for scientific research in this area and beyond.

The funds for equipping the laboratory were provided from the Austrian loan, which is guaranteed by the Government of the Republic of Srpska.

The Faculty of Technology in Zvornik has 360 students, while 37 professors and assistants are engaged in teaching.

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