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Preparing the youngest for school


​“In cooperation with UNICEF and “Save the Children” organization, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska provided more than 300,000 KM for the realization of the preschool education program for preparing children for school in the year before they start attending it. “, said Minister of Education and Culture Dane Malesevic during his today’s visit to “Neven” nursery school in Celinac.

This program includes about 3,500 children who didn’t go to kindergartens or preschools before. The program will be conducted between March 2nd and May 29th this year in 38 preschools and 37 primary schools in the Republic of Srpska.

“The expenses regarding teacher salaries, didactic materials and books are covered, while the local communities and parents will have to pay for food, accommodation and other necessities.  “, explained the Minister.

The program will last for three months, for three hours every work day and will be organized in preschool facilities. Where there are no preschool facilities, it will be held in primary schools in first-graders’ classrooms and the program there will also be conducted by teachers trained for working with preschoolers.

“Save the Children” supported this program by furnishing 30 classrooms in primary schools as well as organizing the training for teachers that will be engaged in the conduction of the program.

“What is really important about this program is that it engages more than 100 teachers from the Employment Bureau that underwent the necessary training. They will work with these children for the next 3 months, thus gaining precious teaching experience.  ”, said Minister Malesevic.

In the municipality of Celinac, 102 children will be included in the program. For 58 of them, the program will be organized in “Neven” nursery school, while for 44 of them it will be organized in suburban “Josavka” and “Stara Dubrava” schools.

Acting manager of “Neven” nursery school in Celinac Milovan Vujicic pointed out that this program is extremely important for preparing children for school.

In the last four years, the Ministry of Education and Culture allocated 860,000 KM for the conduction of this program.

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