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Strengthening the unit of Slavic people


​“Both the people and the government of the Republic of Srpska support every venture aimed at the development and strengthening of the unity of Slavic peoples and countries. We will do everything in our power to enhance the cooperation in the field of education and culture for the benefit of us all”, said Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska Dr. Dane Malešević at the plenary meeting of the 12th assembly of all Slavic peoples in Moscow, Russia.

“Everyone needs to be highly aware of the common origin, history and interests of Slavic peoples in the present and in the future which can be truly realized only through our great heritage – the devoted fight for truth and justice for which our ancestors gave their lives”, said Minister Malešević in his speech.

At the meeting, which was attended by 400 representatives from all Slavic countries, the Minister pointed out that the sacred duty of people at high positions in governments and other bodies was to raise their children in the spirit of love and brotherhood, human compassion, mutual respect and cooperation.

The principle of humanity and humanism without limits has always been very important in education and upbringing programs, or in one word, edification, as well as in politics.

“That is the only way for our countries to have a happy future, which they deserve indeed”, concluded the Minister at the meeting in Moscow.

Within the assembly, which started today and will last until May 24th, there will be an international conference on the Red Army’s mission of liberation in Europe (1944-1945) and the national liberation movement in Slavic countries. The Day of Slavic Literacy and Culture will also be celebrated.

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