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The Protection of Herb Species in the Republic of Srpska


“It is very important to recognize and protect the abundance of herb species in the Republic of Srpska. The Museum of the Republic of Srpska pointed it out by organizing this exhibition. Herb species abundance represented through this exhibition is extraordinary. Considering the fact that herbs can be healing or poisonous, it is very important for the public to be familiar with this information. “, said Minister Malesevic at tonight’s opening of “Between medicine and poison” exhibition in the Museum of the Republic of Srpska in Banjaluka.

Minister Malesevic pointed out that the Museum’s team had worked very hard collecting and researching herb species and that the knowledge they acquired would be useful to everyone who collects healing herbs.

“Experts think that the Republic of Srpska is a suitable ground for the cultivation of healing herbs and we should use that nature’s gift. The cultivation of healing herbs has a vast potential to greatly contribute to the development of local economics, rural areas especially, which would lead to increasing employment. “, said the Minister.

The director of the Museum of the Republic of Srpska Nada Puvacic said that it was the first time for the Museum to present such a collection, which was a result of two years of research.

“We will be glad to hold museum classes in the following six months or even longer, to make this exhibition part of the curriculum, and provide experimenting classes for learners to find out more about healing and poisonous herbs. “, said Puvacic.

According to Natasa Kovacevic, the author of “Between medicine and poison” exhibition, the project lasted for almost two years and managed to present 64 herbal species within “The General Herbarium of the Republic of Srpska’s herbs”, the collection that belongs to the Museum of the Republic of Srpska.

“At the exhibition, healing and poisonous herbs were presented that are being used in folk and official medicine. Those are herbs whose physiologically active substances can act like medicines or as stronger or less strong poisons, depending on the amount. “, explained Kovacic.​

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