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Vacation for preschoolers


​At today’s meeting, the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, Dr. Dane Malesevic, and the manager of the Public Fund for Child Care of the Republic of Srpska, Momir Popic, have decided that 140 preschoolers will go to Kumbor at the end of March as part of the project “Socialization of Children in the Republic of Srpska”.

“The preschoolers will go to Kumbor as an independent group and they will be accompanied by their teachers. They will spend eight days, between May 20th and May 28th 2015, in the child resort. The whole activity program will be organized according to their needs and interests.  ”, said Mr. Popic.

This project has been successfully realized since 2010 and 18,186 children have been included in it so far.

Considering that in the Republic of Srpska there is an ongoing program for the preparation of children in the year they are supposed to start attending school, the decision has been made that children included in this program, and especially children from rural areas, will go to Kumbor.

“The program for the preparation of children for school has even been realized in areas where there are no preschool facilities and in those areas it is conducted in primary schools. It is extremely important that children from those areas aren’t neglected and they are given an opportunity to go to the resort and spend some time with their peers. ”, said Mr. Malesevic.

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