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Day of the Republic of Srpska Marked in Belgrade


​The cooperation between the Republic of Srpska and Serbia has never been better, and it will be even stronger because we know that Belgrade is with us. This is one of the messages from the celebration of the Day of the Republic of Srpska and the proclamation of the first Constitution in Belgrade.

The Serb member of the BiH Presidency said that the Serbs had realized that they would lose their freedom unless they defended their territory. He says that, today, this is best felt by the Serbs living in BiH outside the Republic of Srpska. He points out that Srpska is a proof of freedom and desire to live in peace. It is being attacked and disputed today by many, but that will not pass.

 'A few days ago, one of the big ambassadors told me the following: you have to understand that our politics is big. I said, alright, you mean that ours is small? Maybe, for you. But for us, as far as we are concerned, it is very proud and you have a problem with our pride,' says Dodik.

The Republic of Srpska is very proud, says Aleksandar Vulin, who attended the reception on behalf of the President of Serbia.

'The RS emerged from the deep conviction of the Serbian people that where it has no judge or policeman of member of the assembly or the prime minister of its own, that where it has no one to baptize and cure it, there is no justice, or future or progress for it. That is why the RS emerged and Serbia has never relinquished the right of the RS and right of the Serbian people to survive and to defend itself,' Vulin says.

Srpska is not threatening or destroying BiH as attributed, said the message from Belgrade.

'Nowhere does the Annex 4, which is an integral part of the Constitution of BiH, foresee that BiH has property, and then 28 years later the same Constitutional Court is attempting to seize some property by force for that same BiH,' says Radovan Višković, the RS Prime Minister.

'Violence against the BiH Constitution does not stop even today, but it intensifies as if many are not or do not wish to be aware that BiH is possible only on the principles of the original Dayton, made up of two entities and three constituent peoples,' said Mladen Cicović, the Head of the RS Representative Office in Belgrade.

We should stick together in better times as we did in the most difficult, was another message from the reception. It was heard that the Republic of Srpska had arisen out of need of the Serbian people to protect itself institutionally once and for all in the area where it lived, from the Jasenovac genocide and its repeating. The reception was also attended by the President of the Republic of Srpska, President of the National Assembly of Serbia, ministers of both governments and more than 200 guests.

Source: ATV

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