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Meeting of Foreign Investors Council of the Republic of Srpska


​​Meeting of the new composition of the Foreign Investors Council of the Republic of Srpska was held today (18 September 2017) at the building of the Government of the Republic of Srpska.


Today’s meeting was attended by the Minister of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation Zlatan Klokić and Minister of Finance Zoran Tegeltija, representatives of line ministries, Director of the Chamber of Commerce Dragica Ristić, representatives of companies: Mreža Network d.o.o., Zoran Tošić; Sanino d.o.o., Radovan Pazurević; EFT d.o.o., Savo Mirković, representatives of cities Banja Luka, Verica Kunić; Trebinje, Mirko Ćurić; Istočno Sarajevo, Mladenka Pandurević; Zvornik, Bojan Ivanović and Prijedor, Bojan Jojić.


In addition to technical items of the agenda, the meeting discussed the Proposal law on foreign investments of the Republic of Srpska, and in particular its articles which define the role and tasks of local self-government units. Support was expressed for the intent of the proposer to involve local self-government units, together with the republic level authorities more actively in the activities on attracting and monitoring foreign investors. Also, certain additions to the law were suggested in sections defining collection and monitoring of data about foreign investors in the territory of local self-government units.


Furthermore, FIC members discussed the report of the Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation on the activities implemented within the investor aftercare program. The program currently covers 25 local self-government units from various parts of the Republic of Srpska, which comprise a collaboration network of the Republic of Srpska. The purpose of the program is to motivate the existing investors in the Republic of Srpska to reinvest and improve relations with the local economy through joint visits to the companies and follow-up activities. The presented report also describes the results of the program achieved in 2016 and 2017. In 2016, together with the involved local self-government units, the Ministry visited 40 companies which employ the total of 3,315 persons and have investments of more than 150 million BAM. Those businessmen operate in various sectors: wood industry, agriculture and food production, metal industry, textile, leather and footwear industry, electric industry, construction, information technologies, energy sector.


In addition to domestic investors, those companies have investors from Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom and Egypt. Most of the visited companies are already expanding or planning to expand their operating and production capacities. In 2017, the Ministry has visited 32 companies and plans to visit 50 more by the end of the year.


Based on the visits, limiting factors to company development were identified and some of them were resolved immediately (such as accelerating some procedures, connecting with the institutions, etc.). For some identified problems, in particular those concerning joint institutions of BiH, initiatives were launched for their removal (e.g. accelerating obtaining of VAT number), while some systemic problems were notified to the Government of the Republic of Srpska and local communities through information.


Within this topic, particular emphasis was on the issue of customs policy, customs tariffs and Decision on exemption from customs duty payment, and issue of the educational system.


Among other things, it was concluded to hold future FIC meetings on specific topics, and to invite also other competent institutions, and consideration of the customs policy issue was announced as the next topic to be discussed.


The Foreign Investors Council is prescribed by the Law on Foreign Investment of the Republic of Srpska and its membership is renewed biannually. Every FIC member may launch the initiative for convening a meeting. Pursuant to the FIC Rules of Procedure, the Government of the Republic of Srpska appointed the new composition at its 138th meeting held on 17 August 2017. FIC members comprise representatives of line ministries, all cities of the Republic of Srpska, Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska and foreign investors.​


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