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Minister Klokić Opens Regional Conference on Family Entrepreneurship in Serbia, BiH and Montenegro


Minister of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation of the Republic of Srpska Zlatan Klokić opened today, Thursday (30 November 2017) the Regional Conference on Family Entrepreneurship in Serbia, BiH and Montenegro, held on the Jahorina.

In introductory remarks, Klokić emphasized the importance of family entrepreneurship for the economy of every country by citing statistical data.

'According to statistical data, about 2/3 of all registered firms are family firms, and it is estimated that they create about 70% of the global GDP at annual level, which are impressive numbers and indicate that we must pay due attention to family firms, because the success of our economy is contingent on their success,' said the Minister.

Advantages of family entrepreneurship are manifold, and one of the main among them is employment of family members and thereby resolution of important existential matters.

'On the one hand, even under the conditions of economic crises when other companies go for workforce reduction as one of the first measures, family firms rarely choose terminations, and on the other hand, family-owned firms are more operational and opt more easily for new business ventures,' said Klokić.

In addition to all preconditions for doing business, a part of responsibility lies also with the institutions entrusted with creating business-friendly environment and providing support to firms in their business activities. Within its competence, the Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation is working on creation of a modern legal framework for investment, and analyzing business environment and proposing measures aimed at creating a favorable ambiance for firm operation and investments.

'Investors and firms benefit greatly from the Investor Aftercare Program, whereby we endeavor to support them systemically after they invest in the Republic of Srpska. By doing so, we have successfully removed potential difficulties faced by investors and facilitated their future operation. An interesting fact noted during our visits to firms throughout the Republic of Srpska within the Aftercare program is that family-owned firms are generating notable business results,' concluded the line minister.


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