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Steady growth in the wood processing industry


​​​The Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Petar Đokić said that the steady growth was constantly being registered in the wood processing industry, particularly in the production of furniture in the Republic of Srpska in the past few years.

The Minister Đokić said that the growth was visible in the financial results realized by companies that deal with that kind of production, as well as in the percentage of export-import ratio in the field of the furniture production, which is about 538 percent.

'This tells us that we are the best in the wood processing industry and production of furniture, in terms of the organization, the quality of products and the effects this product realizes in the foreign trade,' said the Minister Đokić.

The Minister Đokić emphasized that the Government, along with the line Ministry and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, in whose jurisdiction 'Forests of the Republic of Srpska are, would try to supply wood processing companies with raw material, particularly those dealing with final processing.

'We have already provided wood processors with various kinds of support, through deferred payment of 90, 60 or 30 days for the purchase of raw material,' said the Minister Đokić.

He added that the support, which gave results, was also provided in a way that for all processors who pay raw material in advance, discount of 2 percent was allowed.

The Minister Đokić reminded that in the period from 2006 to 2015, the Government of the Republic of Srpska directly invested BAM 28 million in the wood processing industry through various forms of incentives, which are considerable assets that contributed to the increase in the quality and the production range.

He pointed out that a major breakthrough had been achieved in the wood processing industry and that the good future direction could be seen, but also some problems, especially in terms of staff required to work, particularly in the furniture production.

'The former Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, along with the Department for Adult Education, made a special program of training of personnel in the field of wood processing industry and furniture production last year. That program is in implementation phase,' said the Minister Đokić.

According to him, they had to pay attention to the education program in high schools, so that young people could be timely trained to work in the municipalities where wood processing capacities are developed.

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