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The Government support for textile industry development in Herzegovina


​​​​The Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Petar Đokić said that the Government of the Republic of Srpska recognized new development possibility in the region of Herzegovina, particularly regarding the restoration of Textile Industry.

The Minister Đokić said this was partially implemented by 'Nikola Tesla' project in Bileća and that is also visible in the facilities of the former 'Novoteks' in Trebinje.

'This is the reason why the Government of the Republic of Srpska decided to purchase the 'Novoteks' property in bankruptcy worth about 3.1 million BAM and to work on capacity expansion along with the existing tenant of that space', emphasized the Minister Đokić remarking that it is currently engaged in more than 220 workers and that another 100 workers should be employed in the days to come.

The Minister Đokić said that they were talking about the lease of the part of the area of the same company in order to expand capacity in the field of textile production.

'We were talking with the representatives of this company in Trebinje and there are plans to develop their activities in several more municipalities in the Republic of Srpska,' reminded the Minister Đokić.

The Minister said that in that moment was too early to talk about municipalities in which those activities could be performed because it is all in the stage of verification of possibilities.

'This is why the Government assessed that the purchase of the 'Novoteks' property will give the support to the investor who will provide new workplaces and significantly increase the range of production in the textile sector, and therefore the textile industry will be maintained in the region of Herzegovina where it had previously been significantly developed,' concluded the Minister Đokić.

The Assistant Minister of Industry Milorad Motika, who visited the facilities in Bileća along with the Executive Director of 'Trenteks' Denijel Kozlić, pointed out that the textile industry would be revived in that way and that workers who are surplus employees currently in 'Nikola Tesla' company, would be needed to work.

The 'Trenteks' company has leased a part of the textile company 'Nikola Tesla' in Bileća, where about a hundered of workers will be employed on two lines in the days to come.

The Assistant Minister Motika said that the company employed about 150 seamstresses at the time and that forty of them had been employed under the fixed-term contract, and thus they would most likely start working for the new employer who regularly settles his liabilities.

The Executive Director of the 'Trenteks' Denijel Kozlić said that the company had a real need to employ several hundered workers in Herzegovina, noting the poor turnout for this job.

'Bileca is the best choice for a long term because in this municipality was opened the Textile High School,' said Kozlić adding that the production in the facilities that have been leased in Bileca can start immediately.

He emphasized that in the facilities in Bileća would be a room for about a hundered of workers and that salaries would be payed regularly as they were till now, and they would be formed according to well-established norms of that company.


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