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The Minister Djokic visited the location for construction of SHPP Medna on the Sana River


​The Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Petar Djokic said that the works on the SHPP Medna on the Sana River in Mrkonjic Grad municipality run the satisfactory pace. In this phase the road for the local population is built and the activities performed which contributed to water and electricity supply system improvement.

On this occasion the Minister said that certain local companies would be engaged in the construction. The installed capacity of the plant to be built is 5.2 MW.

'Total investment for this project amounts to about EUR 20 million. The construction of this power plant will improve the energy balance of the Republic of Srpska in terms of electricity generation, which is of utmost importance for the Republic of Srpska' said the Minister Djokic.

The Minister Djokic considers the investor in this project as one of the best so far in the Republic of Srpska.

'In this moment 14 SHPPs are being built, 14 have already been built and we will strive in the future to support, to help, and to accelerate the construction of all facilities for which the concession has been granted,' emphasized the Minister Djokic.

During the execution of the Concession Agreement, the concessionaire LSB elektrane faced some difficulties in obtaining necessary permits and approvals due to disputes with local community and non-governmental organizations that lasted for years. This is why the concessionaire had to choose a complex and more expensive technical solution which increased the investment value.

For this reason, in accordance with the Law on Concession, the Annex to the Concession Agreement has been concluded with the concessionaire LSB elektrane d.o.o. Banja Luka, by which the concession period has been extended for 15 years, new deadlines for the construction have been identified, as well as the land where the power plant will be built. The investor has provided all the necessary permits for the construction of SHPP Medna.

According to the concessionaire, the construction of SHPP Medna on the Sana River should be completed at the beginning of 2017.

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