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Increase in emloyment and economic activity in Prijedor municipality


Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Petar Đokić said today that unemployment decreased and economic activity increased in Prijedor by joint efforts of the Government of the Republic of Srpska and the Prijedor municipality.

'The measures undertaken both by the Government and the municipality of Prijedor gave good results that created a very dynamic economy, which has the preconditions for further development,' said Minister Đokić after the meeting with Mayor Marko Pavić held in Prijedor.

He reminded the interlocutors that the Government of the Republic of Srpska, supporting various projects, in the past four or five years invested BAM 7.6 million in the municipality of Prijedor, out of which BAM 4.5 million in the economy.

Mayor of the Prijedor municipality Marko Pavić urged the Minister Đokić that the elements that would stimulate the economy and create favorable environment to attract local and foreign investments should be included in the Work Program of that ministry and Economic Policy and Budget for 2016.

In his opinion, there are two elements that should be included in the documents for the following year – the diaspora as potential investor and cross-border cooperation with Croatian counties along the Una and Sava rivers.

'This potential hasn't been used and it must be incorporated in the economic policy for the next year,' said Pavić.

He said that Prijedor had 5 large-sized, 16 medium-sized, and 416 small-sized enterprises, and that the large and small enterprises generated 54 percent of the income of the city.

He added that last year the economy of Prijedor had generated positive financial results and profit of BAM 42 million.




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