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We must benefit from Russian readiness to cooperate with us


The Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the Republic of Srpska Petar Djokic attended today in Srbac the round table organized on the occasion of the Srbac Municipality Day by this local community in cooperation with the Association srpsko-ruski most (Serbian-Russian Bridge).

On this occasion, Minister Djokic emphasized that the value of the Russian investments into the Republic of Srpska, after the projects 'Ugljevik III' and 'Mrsovo', would reach almost a billion BAM. Therefore, the Russian Federation will become the most important investor in the Republic of Srpska.

The Minister Djokic emphasized that the Republic of Srpska had been successfully cooperating with the Russian Federation for many years and that was necessary to put more effort into encouraging the local companies to turn towards Russia, with which foreign trade was in steady growth.

'The trade hasn't yet reached the level which can be reached and thus we should organize and create the environment in which we would produce more high-quality products which we could offer on a such demanding and huge market,' said the Minister Djokic in Srbac after the round table dedicated to the cooperation between the Republic of Srpska and the Russian Federation.

The Minister emphasized that the Republic of Srpska must benefit from Russian plainness and readiness to cooperate.

He reminded the attendants that the businessmen lacked the right information and that was necessary to strengthen the cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Employers' Association Union in order to include as many people as possible and to develop interest that would bring results.

'The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has been giving very much so far through its Department of Economics, keeps showing readiness to cooperate. We must take advantage of that,' said the Minister Djokic.

The Minister Djokic mentioned that the very important fact was that several municipalities from this region, namely Srbac ,Gradiska, Laktasi, Prnjavor and Derventa, wanted to cooperate with Russia because together they could achieve much better results.

The Deputy Chief of Mission of the Russian Federation in Bosnia and Herzegovina Aleksej Kerestedzijanc also attended this event.

'The Russian market is vast. The sanctions of the western countries against Russia are in power, which allows the perspective for the import expansion of the alimentary and any other product from the Republic of Srpska,' said Kerestedzijanc.

According to his words, the standards of the Russian economy are very high; the businessmen must take care of the quality of what they plan to import into the Russian Federation and to be a lot more active.

The President of the Association srpsko-ruski most Zdravko Mocevic emphasized that the great possibilities for cooperation existed and that was necessary to benefit from the current relations between EU, USA and Russia.

'Energy, agriculture and tourism are fields which offer the most possibilities. Primarily, the properties should be enlarged, property affairs should me solved in order to enlarge production, achieve quality and become available for sale by the new cooperative system,' emphasized Mocevic.

The Mayor of Srbac Municipality Drago Ciric mentioned that the municipality had the most possibilities in the fields of agriculture, textile and footwear industry and wood-processing industry.

'It is particularly interesting for us to export the chicken on the Russian market due to the capacity of our slaughterhouse of 10 million boilers per year. That production could be doubled if we provided the safe market,' emphasized Ciric.

​The round table in Srbac was also attended by the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska Dane Malesevic, the Minister of Trade and Tourism Predrag Gluhakovic and the Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Boris Pasalic.






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