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Minister of Finance stated that Republika Srpska has a stable budget


Minister of Finance of the Republika Srpska, Zora Vidovic, stated that Republika Srpska is satisfied with the financial indicators for the first six months of this year, as budget revenues amount to BAM 1.688 billion and are higher by one percent than last year, while expenditures are BAM 1.55 billion, representing 95 percent of the plan.

In an interview to the Radio Television of the Republika Srpska, she stated that the good results were also contributed by moves by the Government of Republika Srpska, control and suppression of the informal economy, as well as an increase in the average salary.

"We also have great growth in contributions. For the Pension Fund it was 39 million KM more than last year, and for the Health Fund BAM 29 million", said the Minister of Finance.

She stated that the biggest growth was from the gambling industry and reminded that the Law on the games of chance was adopted three months ago and that the payment for the first six months was BAM 7.8 million more than in the same period last year.

She points out that wage growth also affects the general situation. Thus, the average salary in Srpska for July amounted to 912 BAM, and for the first six months 899 BAM, while last year's average amounted to 857 BAM.

"It is increasing and it is visible from all parameters. This is a priority of this Government. However for visible indicators, investments are needed, which will bring new employment", Vidovic points out.

Responding to a question about the debt situation, Minister Vidovic emphasized that Republika Srpska regularly settles all external and internal debt obligations and is among the low-debtors.

"Republika Srpska borrows 371 million annually, and we pay back 603 million, which means that we pay back more than we borrow each year," Vidovic added.

She also expressed her satisfaction with the Ministry of Finance prize game "10 accounts set aside, the apartment wins", and the first drawing was on Sunday 23.09.2019.

"We expect about one million envelopes by the end of the week. The goal is for all citizens to become involved in the fight against the "gray economy" because we can send inspectors, take action, but if citizens are not properly involved, the fight is lost. These envelopes show that the awareness of the citizens of Srpska is at a high level," concluded Vidovic, a guest on the Republika Srpska Radio Television.

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