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Report on the auction for 24th bonds issue


Auction date    19.06.2017
Number of offered bonds 25,000
Nominal (par) value     1,000.00
Planned amount of issue 25,000,000
Maturity        10 years
Nominal (par) value payment     at maturity
Coupon rate     4.50%
Interest payment        yearly
Number of bonds sold    25,000
Succes of public offering       100.00%
Sell price      101.30%
Effective interest rate 4.34%
Total value of bonds sold       25,325,000.00
Total amount of submitted bids  50,459,670.00
Payment (registration) date     21.06.2017
Symbol at the auction   RSBD-O03
Highest offered price / interest rate    price 105.74% / rate 3.80%
Lowest offered price / interest rate     price 100.06% / rate 4.49%​

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