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Minister Duško Milunović - The minimum salary does not include per diem, meal and transportation allowances


Minister of Labor and Veterans of the Republic of Srpska Duško Milunović held a press conference today in Banja Luka in order to respond to the concerns raised in the past few days by some media regarding the calculation of the minimum wage in Republic of Srpska.

Minister Milunović emphasized that the information that the minimum wage included per diem, meal and transportation allowances was incorrect.

"The minimum salary is BAM 520 and it does not contain those elements as published by some media. No one was cheated by the Government of Republic of Srpska. I believe those were ill-intentioned attempts to discredit the efforts of the Government of Republic of Srpska to improve the position of the socially most vulnerable groups and workers with the lowest incomes", Minister Milunović said.

The Minister recalled that by 2016, the minimum wage in Republic of Srpska was regulated by a common collective agreement. Since 2016, based on the Labor Law, the Government at the beginning of each year decides on the minimum wage for the next year on the basis of the proposal of the Economic and Social Council.

"In the previous period, the minimum wage had been established in the same way and its structure was the same when it was BAM 370, 450 or 520," Minister Milunović said and added that the minimum wage in the past year in the Republic of Srpska was higher than in the Federation of BiH, North Macedonia and Bulgaria and approximately at the same level as in Serbia.

The Minister further said that he would take action and hold accountable the staff of his Ministry if they were found to have misinterpreted or misled the public about the structure of the minimum wage.

"I want to apologize if one of my co-workers gave explanation that the above elements were part of the minimum wage. If anyone provides me with evidence that one of my co-workers had misinterpreted or misled the public that the structure of the lowest wage included transportation, meal allowance and per diem, please provide me with such evidence and I will take action in accordance with the law", the Minister of Labor and Veterans Duško Milunović said.

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