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Press statement following the 57th Government session


The Government of the Republic of Srpska adopted today during its 57th session held in Banja Luka the Decision approving the 2020 Plan for allocation of funds for instigating agricultural and rural development in total amount of BAM 75,000,000.00.

The funds are allocated to support current production in the amount of BAM 52,310,000.00, long-term development in the amount of BAM 14,720,000.00 and system measures in the amount of BAM 7,970,000.00.

The Government adopted the Information on the emergence of the new 2019-nCoV coronavirus and activities undertaken with regard to it in Republic of Srpska.

The Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Srpska are monitoring the epidemiological situation in the Republic on daily basis after the emergence of a new coronavirus in China and the world.

Permanent intensified epidemiological surveillance is underway and all WHO recommendations are followed. All measures are focused on early detection of suspected cases and prevention of the onset and spread of the disease caused by the new coronavirus. Recommendations have been sent to all health care institutions in the Republic of Srpska for the purpose of implementing adequate control measures with regard to infectious diseases.

There are no confirmed cases of infection with the new 2019-nCoV coronavirus in Republic of  Srpska and all measures are implemented in accordance with an assessment of the current situation.

It is imperative that the population adhere to preventative measures such as avoiding close contact with persons with acute respiratory infection; persons coming from China suffering from a respiratory infection should up to 14 days after their return report to a competent health care facility for timely treatment and prevention of the spread of the disease; travelers who have symptoms of acute respiratory infection should cover their nose and mouth with disposable wipes and wash their hands when coughing and sneezing; frequent hand washing, especially after direct contact with sick people or their environment.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska approved funds from 2029 Budget for specialized hospital for physical medicine and rehabilitation "Mlječanica", Kozarska Dubica.

The Government tasked the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to provide financial resources in the amount of BAM 150,000.00 for this hospital.

In order to improve the quality of health care in the coming period, the hospital management plans to service the existing and purchase new medical devices and equipment and to reconstruct and adapt the existing facilities, as well as construct new ones.

The Government of Republic of Srpska adopted the Information on participation of the Civil Protection Administration of the Republic of Srpska in the project "Disaster Risk Reduction for Sustainable Development in BiH" and has given its approval to acting Director of the Civil Protection Administration of the Republic of Srpska to participate in this project.

The project "Disaster Risk Reduction for Sustainable Development in BiH" is a part of a joint program of the Government of Switzerland and the UN (UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNFPA and FAO) which is implemented over a period of 4 years.

This is the largest and most comprehensive program ever implemented in BiH in this area and would be implemented in 10 local government units five of which are in Republic of Srpska and those are Banja Luka, Prijedor, Trebinje, Bijeljina and Srebrenica.

The project supports local communities especially the most vulnerable and high-risk ones to prepare and adapt to disaster risks and impacts in different development sectors. By participating in the project, local authorities would improve their institutional capacity for disaster risk reduction, frameworks, public services and partnerships, while the population in places at risk would be less socially and economically vulnerable to the effects of disasters and climate change.

The aim of the Project is to introduce and operationalize an integrated model of disaster risk management and improvement of local living conditions.

The Government of Republic of Srpska adopted the Plan of Activities in Preparation and Implementation of Protection and Rescue Measures against Forest and Other Outdoor Fires in Republic of Srpska in 2020, the Flood Defense Plan for 2020 and the Plan of Activities in the Preparation and Implementation of earthquake protection and rescue measure in the Republic of  Srpska for the period 2020-2023.

Adopting and implementing these plans will enhance and ensure a more comprehensive engagement of all relevant entities and achieve a higher level of preparedness to protect and rescue people and material goods from forest and other open-air fires, floods and earthquakes.

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