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Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Radovan Višković spoke with the Mayor of Bileća, Miljan Aleksić


​Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Radovan Višković visited the municipality of Bileća today where he spoke with the Mayor of this municipality, Miljan Aleksić.

The Prime Minister said that Bileća had ambitious infrastructure projects for the next few years and that today's meeting focused on projects that could be implemented this year.

"The first priority is the completion of the secondary water supply network in the village of Baljci where the Government of Serbia and the Government of Republic of Srpska have already invested around one million BAM for the primary network and now it needs to be completed so that people get regular water supply in their homes. The Government of Republic of Srpska will provide the missing funds in the amount of BAM 400,000", Prime Minister Višković said.

Prime Minister Radovan Višković also stated his satisfaction with the fact that the first phase of the project on reconstruction of the water and sanitation network has started which is intended to  protect the Bileća Lake.

"The water supply for the citizens of Bileća comes from the Bileća Lake so our priority is to protect the lake and keep the water as healthy as possible" Prime Minister Višković said and added that they also discussed the possibility of having a reserve water supply.

Prime Minister Višković further mentioned that building of "Tijana Bošković" camp was planned and that the local library building will be reconstructed.

"The Government of the Republic of Srpska will remain a partner to the municipality of Bileća in the coming period. We will work together on all projects that are of great importance to the population of this municipality", Prime Minister Radovan Višković emphasized.

The Mayor of Bileća Miljan Aleksic expressed his gratitude to the Government of Republic of Srpska for the support in implementing projects realized in the past and for the future projects in this municipality.

"In my eight years as the Mayor, I have not had a better meeting than this with Prime Minister Viškovic so I want to thank the Prime Minister for that on behalf of the citizens of Bileća and on my behalf", Mr. Aleksić said.

Prime Minister Radovan Višković also attended the ceremony organized on the occasion of celebrating the Saint Sava Day, the Patron Saint Day of the municipality of Bileća.

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