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The Government of the Republic of Srpska approves the Proposal of the Law on Inspections


​The Government of Republic of Srpska adopted today at its 56th session held in Banja Luka, the Proposal of the Law on Inspections of the Republic of Srpska.

Minister of Administration and Local Self-Government Lejla Resic stated after the Government session that in the case of this law, primary position of the Government of Republic of Srpska was to introduce benefits for those small taxpayers who are registered for the first time with up to eight employees.

"The Inspectorate will also advise them on running business and not just punish them immediately. We want to unburden small entrepreneurs because our goal is not to close their businesses but to give them a chance to get back on their feet in the first year of business. The exception would be in cases of unregistered workers or endangering the general safety of workers or people", Minister Resic.

According to Minister Resic, the Republic Inspectorate will also have a department for advisory services for entrepreneurs who need it.

The novelty in the Draft Law on Inspections is that all labor inspectors will be at the level of the Republic whereas after the public debate the initiative that health inspectors have the same status had been dismissed. At the same time inspectors for education and sport were introduced instead of  education inspectors up to now.

The law also stipulates that local self-governments are obliged to coordinate inspection plans with the Republic Inspectorate to avoid the situations where one and the same business was inspected in a two or three day time.   

Minister Rešić pointed out that under the Draft Law on Inspections, inspectors may enter private property for the purpose of inspection if informed that some unregistered activity in a private building takes place with the approval of the owner of with the court order.

"The procedure has so far been complicated for inspectors to enter private premises. We have also introduced that inspectors may make so-called undercover purchases in order to establish the facts and come up with evidence", Minister Rešić said and added if found that contracted business who hire outside the Republic of Srpska which is common in the construction sector, would be sanctioned if those workers were unreported or other omissions identified.

Minister Resic thanked all the participants of the public debate regarding this law that helped  advance certain solutions.

The Government of Republic of Srpska also accepted the Information on Co-financing of Projects of Underdeveloped and Least developed Local Self-Government Units in Republic of  Srpska.

"In 2019, the Ministry approved 18 applications from 14 local communities. Out of BAM 300,000.00 we had available, the Ministry allocated BAM 299,636 and attracted investments in the amount of 2.02 million. This is important because the money has gone to least developed  municipalities", Minister Rešić said and added that BAM 300,000 was also planned for this purpose this year and announced that soon the process of validation and approval of new projects would start.  

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