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Adopted Information on Obligations Arising for the Republic of Srpska and BiH from the Process of Joining the European Unio


​In the second continuation of the 10th regular session, the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska adopted the regular annual Information on obligations arising for BiH and Republic of Srpska from the process of joining the European Union, including an overview of the measures and activities implemented during 2019, and the results achieved in approximating the regulations of the Republic of Srpska to the regulations of the European Union, announced the National Assembly.

The purpose of the Information is to provide an overview of activities and progress of the Republic of Srpska and BiH in the process of European integration during 2019. In terms of its structure, it is divided into several thematic units:

The first section, which deals with the Integration Policy, provides an overview of the contractual and other obligations defined at the sectoral subcommittee meetings held during 2019; activities regarding the conducted EU expert evaluation missions; major positions and evaluations of the European Commission from the held Committee and subcommittee meetings, and priorities from the Analytical Report accompanying the Opinion of the European Commission on the application for EU membership. This section also includes a brief overview of meetings held between the representatives of the Western Balkan countries and the EU, and an overview of activities carried out on drafting and technical finalization of answers to additional questions from the Questionnaire of the European Commission for preparation of the Opinion on BiH's application for EU membership.

The second section of the Information, on Visa Liberalization and Monitoring of Fulfilment of the Post-Visa Regime Requirements, provides an overview of the implemented activities and evaluations of the European Commission on ensuring the necessary standards in the context of preserving the visa-free regime for BiH citizens in the Schengen area during 2019.

The third section of the Information, on the European Parliament Resolutions on BiH, provides an overview of the status of the European Parliament resolutions relevant for BiH from 2019.

The fourth section is dedicated to the process of harmonization of the legislation of the Republic of Srpska with the EU acquis communautaire and the practice and standards of the Council of Europe. This section contains information about the legal framework for action in the process of harmonizing the republic legislation with the acquis and the dynamics of harmonization carried out through annual harmonization plans. It also contains information on cooperation with the NARS, as well as statistical data on regulations that have undergone the procedure of harmonization and assessment of compliance, according to which this procedure was completed on a total of 420 regulations (laws and regulations) and strategic documents in 2019.

The fifth section provides an overview of the activities carried out in BiH in 2019 in the field of EU funds implementation. The Ministry coordinated participation of the Republic of Srpska institutions in the processes of strategic planning, programming, implementing, monitoring the implementation and reporting on the implementation of the European Union's financial instruments available to the Republic of Srpska/BiH. Also, this section of the Information contains available information on withdrawals of EU funds, and an overview of activities on expanding the absorption capacity of the Republic of Srpska within the available support programmes. Another important activity was agreeing on the modalities of EU funds implementation during the period 2021-2027 under the provisions of the coordination mechanism, thus enabling entity institutions to participate in the implementation of IPA III at full capacity of their constitutional competencies.

The sixth section contains information on the process of language, expert and legal editing of the Republic of Srpska regulations for the needs of the European integration process, and on the cooperation of the Ministry with the Faculty of Philology of the University of Banja Luka through the Practice Programme for final year students of the Faculty of Philology.

The seventh section provides an overview of held trainings in the field of European integration in 2019, according to which representatives of the republic administrative bodies participated in a total of 112 trainings.

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