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Klokić: Aim to Facilitate Flow of People, Goods, Services and Capital


The Minister of European Integration and International Cooperation of the Republic of Srpska, Zlatan Klokić, assessed that Srpska would benefit greatly from BiH's accession to the Open Balkan initiative, which would enable easier flow of people, goods, services and capital, and thus a stronger economy.

Klokić emphasized that the economy of the Republic of Srpska could be competitive also in other markets, i.e. positioned at the regional level.

He added that joining the Open Balkan would certainly increase investments in Srpska.

- The business environment in the Republic of Srpska is one of the most favorable in the region and that would be recognized by investors from these countries. Removal of some barriers through this initiative would enable certain capital inflow in Srpska - said Klokić to Srna.

He stated that joining would also solve the problem of goods flow at the borders.

- Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia plan to abolish the borders completely from 1 January 2023, which would enable easier flow of goods. If you go to these borders today, you will see huge lines of trucks standing and waiting. That way, administrative barriers would be removed and in turn enable easier and faster flow of goods - Klokić pointed out.

He said that the initiative was recently launched and that no epochal changes could be expected immediately, because the countries currently comprising the Open Balkan also have some difficulties from the past period.

- But the people heading those states have realized that the economy comes first, beyond politics, beyond history, and decided to support this initiative, so today those countries can trade with each other and thereby certainly strengthen their economies - said Klokić.

He pointed out that the Open Balkan was a good initiative that opened the market, and seen by some as a way station on the path to European integration.

- I see it as something that should provide additional initiative along the path of the countries wishing to become EU members - said Klokić.

The aim of the regional initiative Open Balkan, whose members are Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia, is to liberalize relations between the countries of the region and open opportunities for movement of people and goods.

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