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Klokić: Celebrating Republic Day outside Its Borders Safeguards Srpska


ZURICH – The Minister of European Integration and International Cooperation of the Republic of Srpska, Zlatan Klokić, said in Zurich that celebrating the Day of the Republic outside its borders safeguarded the national identity and the Republic of Srpska.

Klokić thanked the Federation of Republic of Srpska Associations in Switzerland for organizing the Republic Day in Zurich and expressed his pleasure over attending the celebration again this year.

'We thus safeguard our identity, safeguard our Republic of Srpska, and celebrate the most important day in its history – the day of its creation, the Day of the Republic,' said Klokić.

He stated that the institutions of Srpska, together with the Federation of Republic of Srpska Associations in Switzerland, would work on safeguarding the national identity by enabling Serbian children in the diaspora to learn the Serbian language, Cyrillic alphabet, as well as to learn about the culture, traditions and customs.

'It is very important for our people to carry the Republic of Srpska in their hearts, wherever they live,' noted Klokić.

The ceremonial academy on the occasion of marking the Republic Day will be held in a hall in Dietikon near Zurich, organized by the Federation of Republic of Srpska Associations in Switzerland.

The ninth of January is celebrated as the Day of the Republic of Srpska because it was created on that date in 1992 under the original name of the Republic of the Serbian People in BiH.

Serb deputies in the then Assembly of BiH founded Srpska after being outvoted on key matters regarding the survival of Yugoslavia, and members of the other two nations initiating secession against the will of the Serbs, who had the status of a constituent people.

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