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France interested in investments in the field of environmental protection in Srpska


The Republic of Srpska Government Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology, Srebrenka Golić, met today (25th March 2015) with the Ambassador of Republic of France in BiH, H.E. Claire Bodonyi.

Srebrenka Golić informed H.E. Bodonyi on the activities of the Republic of Srpska Board for economic system reform, that has made proposals of 12 reform laws up to date, and started 3 initiatives for changing the laws at the BiH level: “By this, we have demonstrated determination of the Republic of Srpska Government for implementation of social and economic reforms in the best way possible, simultaneously supporting the EU initiative directing the focus on these very fields.” She welcomed the Stabilisation and Association Agreement’s entry into force, describing it as a positive step, but she pointed out that establishment of a coordination mechanism that would be based on constitutional jurisdiction at all levels of authorities thus enabling institutions to perform its duties in accordance with this, is of a crucial importance for the SAA’s implementation.

The Ambassador Bodonyi and the Deputy Prime Minister Golić paid special attention to the field of environmental protection in Republic of Srpska.

The French Embassy is interested in mediation between the French institutions and French companies operating in the field of nature protection in terms of investment into protected areas development, primarily Kozara National Park.

Satisfied with the results achieved in Srpska in the field of waste management, H.E. the Ambassador Claire Bodonyi, has announced the visit of the public French company for waste management „Veolia Environnement S.A.” to Republic of Srpska in order to consider options for investments based on the principle of public-private partnership.

Madam Minister Golić informed the Ambassador Bodonyi on the activities that the Ministry is implementing as an authorised body (Focal Point) for climate change in BiH. Given the fact that France will be the host of the UNFCCC Conference scheduled for December, it has been agreed for Madam Minister Golić and the Ambassador Bodonyi, prior to the Conference which is to take place in Paris, to deliver lectures in a few BiH municipalities in order to inform the general public on the activities in this field and options for mitigation of growingly evident consequences of climate change. ​

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