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Meeting between the Deputy Prime Ministers of the Governments of Republic of Srpska and Serbia


The Republic of Srpska Government Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology, Srebrenka Golić, met with the Republic of Serbia Government Deputy Prime Minister, Kori Udovički, today, 27th of February 2015, in Belgrade.

After the meeting, the Government Deputy Prime Minister Golić said that the experience from Serbia in the fighting against grey economy and activities on improvement of the efficiency of the inspectorate operation will contribute towards better collection of revenues that the Srpska Budget was not able to collect until now.

“We have exchanged experience today and advised the Republic of Serbia Government Deputy Prime Minister, Kori Udovički, on the activities performed by the Board for economic system reform within the Republic of Srpska Government. Provided the fact that USAID managed activities and prepared certain documents while dealing with this segment in Serbia, they will make these types of analyses available to us which will allow carrying out further activities for us.”, said Srebrenka Golić.

The way of the inspection services organisation was also discussed at the meeting, because operation of the existing inspectorate will also be analysed within these reforms, as it was said by the Republic of Srpska Government Deputy Prime Minister, Srebrenka Golić, who is also the Chairman of the Board for economic system reform, the responsibility of which is also the fighting against the grey economy.

“I believe that the experience and the knowledge we obtained today from our colleagues from the Government of Serbia, will help us to set the direction and determine methods for improving operation of the inspectorate bodies in each segment, in order to enable the Republic of Srpska and the Srpska Budget to operate and to attain revenues from the very segments that we were unable to attain revenues from until now.”, said Srebrenka Golić and added that there would be an even more fierce initiative to fight grey economy in Srpska, emphasising that the inspection bodies should do their job pursuant to the laws.

“I think it is not sufficient. Many areas should be even more covered with the inspections supervising. We have been thinking on the method of establishing a connection between certain departments and certain areas and to make the operation of inspection services even more efficient.”, says the Republic of Srpska Government Deputy Prime Minister and adds:

“I believe that we agreed today on the manner how it can operate better, but this will be the subject of agreement between the Republic of Srpska Government Board for economic system reform and proposing legal solutions, aiming at the better and more purposeful control and collection when dealing with the taxation policy, that is, performing jobs within the scope of responsibility of the inspectorate should become more efficient, aiming at better protection of both the citizens and the Republic of Srpska Budget.”

The Republic of Srpska Government delegation, the member of which was also the Republic of Srpska Tax Administration Director, Zora Vidović, lead by Srebrenka Golić, presented Kori Udovički, who is in charge of the sector for fighting against the grey economy in the Government of Republic of Serbia, the set of 14 reform laws that have been sent to the Republic of Srpska National Assembly in the form of drafts: “Out of the 14 aforesaid laws, 12 laws is from the area of taxes, contributions, accounting, fiscal cash registers.

“This is only a part of the activities that we are carrying out within implementation of the Republic of Srpska Government economic policy.”, said Srebrenka Golić.   ​

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