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Presented results of the Study on Industrial Application of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency


Results of the Study on Industrial Application of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and results of the pilot project that indicated introducing the so-called smart meters in Banja Luka Brewery were presented at the workshop on “Development of the quality infrastructure for sustainable energies in economic sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, that was held in Banja Luka today, 24th March 2015, organised by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of Republic of Srpska and under the sponsorship of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

At today’s Workshop, which was attended by Mr Janez Rogelj, MSc, representative of the Ministry of Economy and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr Janez Šetina, representative of the Institute of Metals and Technology from Ljubljana, and representatives of UNIDO, UNDP, as well as the representatives of institutions and the real sector of Republic of Srpska and BiH, among others, it was agreed that during the month of May, Minister of Finance of Republic of Slovenia would visit Madam Minister Srebrenka Golić, and on this occasion, the Institute of Metals and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia and the Institute for Materials and Structures of Republic of Srpska would sign the Agreement on Cooperation in order to create conditions for implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficient technologies, that would have multiple social and economic impact on the development of Republic of Srpska and BiH, primarily in securing higher employment rate and production, and increase competitiveness of Srpska and BiH at global markets in this field.

While opening the Workshop, the Republic of Srpska Government Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology said that generation and distribution of energy, as well as accompanying activities, are the largest global industry sector, and that, given the potential that Srpska has at its disposal, they also imply a priority for the Republic of Srpska Government, provided the fact that reindustrialisation and creating new jobs are a fundamental objective of the economic policy.

She informed the Workshop participants about the steps that the Srpska Government has undertaken for creating competitive market for new and innovative energy technologies, starting from creation of legal conditions for faster, more simple and more efficient registration of companies, the newest set of laws that brings numerous tax benefits, up to a number of legal solutions from the field of use of renewable energy sources and environmental protection.

Madam Minister Golić specifically pointed out that use of natural resources, generation and placement of energy and environmental protection, under the Republic of Srpska Constitution and the BiH Constitution, are solely under the entities’ jurisdiction, and that a whole set of laws from the field of renewable energy sources use, energy efficiency and environmental protection was brought in accordance with this.

“We, in Republic of Srpska, have already created policies for improvement of existing and introducing new economic tools in order to ensure continued expansion of renewable energy in the total energy mixture. Appropriate measures have been undertaken for removal of energy efficiency obstacles and we are prepared for further alignment with European directives in order to reach the highest possible percentage of renewable energy sources involvement. The Study presented today provided plenty of information and it will serve as an excellent guide for the future arrangement, however, what I insist on are specific investments in this field that will lead to creating new jobs, living standard improvement, therefore investments in realisation of proposals and ideas, while adhering to constitutional jurisdiction of Republic of Srpska and its Government as a true partner.”, said Madam Minister Golić. ​

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