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Support to the Joint Municipal Waste Disposal Project


“The Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of Republic of Srpska supports the project of joint collection and disposal of municipal waste at the territory of municipalities of Modriča, Brod, Šamac and Derventa“, said Madam Minister, Srebrenka Golić, after the meeting with mayors of Modriča, Brod, Šamac and deputy mayor of Derventa, during which implementation of the project “Territorial organisation of integrated waste collection and disposal on the territory of Modriča, Brod, Derventa, Šamac and Odžak municipalities” was discussed. Italian company “AMIA” from Verona, who is a partner in the project, is working on the feasibility study for this project. 

Madam Minister, Srebrenka Golić, stressed that the Ministry will communicate its final position upon completion of the feasibility study and issue necessary permits, as well as provide its approval for the project initiated with the Italian partner by the municipalities of Modriča, Brod, Derventa and Šamac, and she expressed expectations that municipality of Vukosavlje would join the project.

Based on the preliminary results of this feasibility study, 70 per cent of collected waste would be recycled and ready for further processing, whereas local communities would dispose of 30 per cent of the waste otherwise.

„Municipalities, populated with 95000 residents, would not have any financial constraints.”, Madam Minister Golić pointed out and explained that the project would be implemented on the public and private partnership basis, under the scope of which, participation of municipalities would be in terms of issuing required documents, permits and approvals, as well as providing land for construction of the transfer station.

Madam Minister Golić reminded that the Waste Disposal Act in Republic of Srpska anticipates territorial organisation of integrated waste collection and disposal on the territory of two or more municipalities.

Modriča municipality mayor, Mr Mladen Krekić, informed representatives of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology that this municipality, after the last-year’s flooding and closure of the old landfill in Modrički Lug, did not have a landfill for municipal waste and he pointed out that the problem of municipal waste disposal for Modriča would be permanently resolved through implementation of this project together with the municipalities from Posavina and the partner from Verona. He expects the feasibility study to be completed by the end of April. 

It was agreed at the meeting that the project was acceptable for both, the municipalities and the Ministry, and the expectations are that the company “AMIA” will find economic justification and start to implement the project soon. Apart from the problem of waste collection and disposal, at today’s meeting there were talks about the method and procedures for issuance of building permits, on the fees for issuance of building land organisation permits, on the rent, and legalisation of illegally constructed facilities.​

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