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The Ministry supports Novi Grad citizens


The Minister of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of Republic of Srpska, Srebrenka Golić, sent the message from today’s meeting with the Mayor of Novi Grad, Snježana Rajilić, saying that she completely supported activities of the citizens of this and the neighbouring municipalities in order to prevent radioactive waste disposal in Trgovska gora in Croatia. 
“This is a type of waste that none of the European Union member states want in their territory and it is pointless to talk about the consequences to human health if disposal of this type of waste would be performed in the immediate vicinity of Novi Grad municipality”, said Minister Golić and added that she was hoping for the reason to prevail on the Croatian side in order to avoid international arbitration as a final level of jurisdiction.
With regard to unofficial information that radioactive waste disposal in Trgovska gora has started, Madam Minister Golić announced that the Ministry would request official information from Croatia and emphasised that the Ministry informed all competent institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and requested their action regarding the issue of possible radioactive waste disposal site.  
Novi Grad Mayor, Snježana Rajilić, asked for support and help of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology, within the scope of responsibilities of the Ministry, in order for the Republic of Srpska National Assembly to adopt a declaration, as an expression of political will, which would obligate the Srpska representatives in the Bosnia and Herzegovina joint institutions, to stop construction of the radioactive waste disposal site and to commence negotiations with Croatia, thus satisfying the requirements of both sides.
She informed Madam Minister Golić on the intention of Novi Grad municipality to request the Regulatory Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety of Bosnia and Herzegovina to define possibilities for installation of a device for measuring radiation at the territory of this municipality due to the fact that the population was agitated.
Snježana Rajilić announced that she will make an attempt to attend the session of local parliament today in the neighbouring Dvor on Croatian side, the topic of which is radioactive waste disposal at the territory of this municipality.
“We will do whatever it takes, we will even organise protests only to prevent radioactive waste disposal in our vicinity”, noted Rajilić and repeated that the procedure for selection of the radioactive waste disposal site was not adhered to, having in mind the density of population: ”There is no ‘Chinese Wall’ over the river Una that would prevent the impact of radiation on the population on the other side of the border”, said the Novi Grad Mayor.
The Municipal Safety Forum Chairman, Mirko Lukić, informed Madam Minister Srebrenka Golić that the Petition against radioactive waste disposal in Trgovska gora was signed by 5,000 people so far, and that this activity was to be continued.
“Collecting signatures against radioactive waste disposal in Trgovska gora in Dvor municipality in Croatia started on the 10th April. The location, selected as a disposal site, is less than two and a half kilometres away from the border with Novi Grad through the shortest air route”, noted Lukić.
Madam Minister Srebrenka Golić emphasised once again that she supported the Novi Grad municipality and the neighbouring municipalities citizens’ activities in order to prevent radioactive waste disposal in their immediate vicinity and emphasised that she appreciated the efforts of the Novi Grad Town Hall management attempting to protect the health and lives of theirs and the citizens of the municipalities along the river Una basin, and that the Ministry, within the scope of its responsibilities, would provide institutional support to enable them to succeed in their efforts. 

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