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We will not allow transfer of responsibilities


The Minister of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of Republic of Srpska, Srebrenka Golić, determinedly claims that there will be no transfer of the entities’ responsibilities to Bosnia and Herzegovina level within the scope of environmental protection.

Commenting on the statement made by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denis Zvizdović, on forming an agency for environmental protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Minister Golić, implied that, first and foremost, he should review the work of all the existing agencies at Bosnia and Herzegovina level, many of which are not necessary:

“The entities have no use of them, and establishing some new agencies that Zvizdović mentioned, will definitely not be supported by either the Republic of Srpska Government or the line Ministry.”, said Srebrenka Golić.

She recalled the attempted transfer of responsibilities in this area two years ago under the “ENVIS” project, when certain representatives of the international community requested forming of this agency at Bosnia and Herzegovina level, which was prevented by firm and determined disapproval from the line Ministry and the Republic of Srpska Government.

“We have arranged the environment by our laws, aligning them with all the European standards, passed the Environmental Protection Act and suggested that the other entity should do so as well, and we have the Fund for Environmental Protection already performing activities that, allegedly, this agency should be performing.”, said Madam Minister, Srebrenka Golić.​

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