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About the Ministry

​The Ministry of Scientific and Technological development, Higher Education and Information Society performs administrative and other professional tasks related to: scientific and technological development, improvement of higher education and development of information society in the Republic, as well as creation and monitoring of strategies in mentioned areas; upgrading and encouraging development of fundamental developmental applied researches; encouraging innovation and economic development by use of new technologies; higher education and student standard; recognition and equivalence of international higher education institution diplomas;  coherence of educational policy with global technological trends; establishing and developing a system of electronic management;  strategic and operative implementation of the concept of information safety in the Republic and effective inspection in the field; affaires related to digital identities of legal entities and natural person from Republic of Srpska, electronic presentation and signature; establishing technological and informational standards; academic and research network of Republic of Srpska; professional verification and prior approval for the purchase of IT and other technologic equipment for the needs of the Government, M​inistries, republican directorates and republican administrative organizations;  coordination of technological and IT projects in the public sector; promotion of the use of new technologies;  development of legal and by law acts in the Ministry jurisdiction; participating in the realization of projects financed by international monetary organizations; providing information via media and other forms of informing about their work and other affaires under the law.

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