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Statement by the Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska Radovan Višković regarding the Sarajevo Cantonal Assembly Declaration


The Declaration of the Sarajevo Cantonal Assembly condemning the move of raising of three fingers in Sarajevo is an attempt to deliberately cause inter-ethnic intolerance and belittle the identity of the Serbian people.

In this way, no good can be achieved but to deepen further the mistrust between the peoples in BiH and encourage intolerance and to deliberately provoke the reaction of the Serb people.

Three fingers symbolize the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, Serbs use three fingers when they baptize and that would remain so and no declaration can forbid it.

Politicians from the SDA who initiated the adoption of this declaration in the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, have not done anything good, nor is it a good message to either Bosniaks or Serbs. 

Frustrated by the election defeat, SDA is trying to secure some cheap political points in the public with such senseless, but very offensive political moves. However, in this way, SDA is losing credibility, first of all among the Bosniak people, but also among serious political parties.

Such a declaration can be answered with a similar declaration in one of the municipalities in Republic of Srpska, but the goal of politics in the Republic of Srpska is not insulting and belittling other nations, but a dignified partnership and improvement of the political and economic environment with those who wish well for all our citizens.

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