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  • Implementing policy of the Republic of Srpska and laws, provisions and legal acts of the National Assembly, in accordance with the Constitution,
  • Enacting regulations, decisions and other acts for the law implementation,
  • Proposing laws, regulations and general acts,
  • Stipulating principles for the internal structure of the ministries and other administrative bodies,
  • Appointing and dismissing officials, ministries’ secretaries, ministers’ assistants, chief republic inspectors in ministries and administrative bodies,
  • Directing and harmonizing activities of ministries and administrative organizations,
  • Supervising the activities of ministries and administrative organizations; canceling their regulations which are contrary to the law or the regulation enacted by that ministry or administrative body,
  • Giving opinions on the law proposals, other regulations and acting in case that regulations provide the competency of the republic bodies, and the law does not stipulate the competency of the other republic bodies,
  • Enabling the uniformity and improvement of the Republic’s legal system,
  • Establishing organisations in charge of executing the rights and obligations of the Republic,
  • Settling conflicts of jurisdiction between ministries and other republic bodies and organizations which were entrusted with the implementation of the law and other regulations and general acts within the scope of the Republic’s law and obligations,
  • Establishing experts’ and other services for its needs,
  • Providing for the protection of interests and rights of the Republic concerning the issues delegated to the Council of Ministers and harmonising work of the members of the Council of Ministers coming from the Republic of Srpska,
  • Carrying out other activities in accordance with the Constitution and the law.

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