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Contracts signed with the "Kolo Srpskih Sestara" humanitarian organizations and other associations and foundations


Today, the Minister of Administration and Local Self-Government of the Republika Srpska, Senka Jujić, signed the agreements on the allocation of grant funds for co-financing projects and programs with representatives of the "Kolo Srpskih Sestara" humanitarian organizations and representatives of other associations and foundations.

 The total funds allocated to the aforementioned associations and foundations amount to 100,000 KM.

 "We supported the co-financing of projects that have a humanitarian character and projects that, among other things, deal with the areas of local economic development, human rights, strengthening the role of citizens at the local level, and preserving tradition and cultural heritage. Such projects contribute to the development of the local self-government units from which the associations come, and whose implementation will benefit the entire community," said Minister Jujić.

 Today's signing of the contracts continues the practice of regularly awarding grants to citizens' associations and foundations.


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